Siblings {March}

I am really getting to love this project. It is so interesting to read back on every month and see how Chloe and Matthew interact together. Reading back on the February one, I can definitely say their bond has grown even more over the last month. It is so cute to watch them play together now.

2016-03-02 08.44.17

Chloe now sitting in her forward facing car seat. We got so much time out of her infant car seat if I think about it, right up to 13 months. Matthew on the other hand was well snug in his forward facing one at that stage. I had to move him when he was 9 months old. She enjoys a car ride way more now that she can look out the window and she can see her brother. They both like messing with their hands touching each other. Next month we are actually going on a family trip to down to South Ireland, Cork. It is a 4 1/2 hours drive so it will be interesting to see how they will hold up.

2016-03-13 07.31.07

They’re having a great time every morning eating their roll, banana, cracker or whatever it is. March has been awful to us though. Last week both of them were really sick. A vomiting/stomach bug which wasn’t nice at all to see. Chloe more than Matthew because her immune system still has to be built up. It was only her first day back to creche today after a week.

2016-03-13 16.33.19

They are two complete little messers but so adorable together. With Chloe buming her way around the rooms downstairs, she is basically at everything as you can imagine. Her  big brother Matthew is doing his best to keep her away from things like the surround sound box or the drawers in the kitchen. They also love playing hide and seek and chase together. Matthew is really nice to her and bums with her because he knows she can’t walk or run yet. We still need to work on the sharing front but I am sure that’s normal for siblings.

2016-03-15 13.59.20

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10 thoughts on “Siblings {March}

  1. So cute, I love the Matthew is trying to protect all the surrounding, I think that’s gas. My little one was same – protecting everything from the bot. She’s giving up now though that he’s running lol.

    They look adorable together!!
    Kellie Kearney recently posted…Pregnancy Update Week 22My Profile

  2. Aw I bet it’s so cute to see them bonding together. Sorry to hear they’ve been so poorly though, it’s really tough to see them suffer and tough for you too mama. I bet you’ve not been getting much sleep! Hope they’re much better now x

  3. The beginning of the year is awful. Sickness ongoing. I hope this summer is arriving soon. xx

  4. Oh bless them they do look cute. E is 14 months and still has miles of room in her infant carrier – she is so dinky! You can’t believe that they go up to 29lbs (roughly the age of 2!!) – my boys were both much bigger than her and out earlier but Tobes is still rear facing at 3.5! He’s started to ask to go in his brother’s seat more now! H x
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