Siblings – October

I am linking up with Lucy from Dear Beautiful for the first time this month for the linky “Siblings”. You are probably wondering why I am only starting to do this now as Chloe was born in February so I could have started then. Well, Matthew only started interacting with her now. Prior to that he wasn’t a fan of her really and jealousy kicked in a lot. But he is so good with her now the last 2 months or so. It is just very hard to get a photo with the 2 of them where they actually look at the camera and a photo that is not problem which is nearly impossible. One of them is guaranteed to move.

2015-09-18 21.31.46

Matthew’s bonding with Chloe is so much stronger now. When she is going up for a nap at the weekend Matthew asks “Where is Chloe gone?” So I am telling him that she was tired and she needs to go for a short sleep. He is ok with it then.

2015-10-12 08.16.21

2015-10-12 08.16.33

The cutest thing ever is when I get the 2 of them ready for bed. I got into the habit of changing them on our big super king size  bed now. They lay beside each other and love messing with their dodies. Matthew explains that Chloe has birds on her dodie and he has buttons but he would love to have a dodie with birds on it too. It is just so adorable to watch. Another thing they tend to do quite a lot before bed time is hold hands. Chloe likes to get her hands on EVERYTHING. Anything that is in her side she grabs and puts in her mouth. Matthew holds her hand sometimes.

I can’t wait to see them growing up together. It will be even more exciting once Chloe is starting to crawl and walk. No stopping them then. Matthew is also great for sharing his toys with her. Even his favorite ones sometimes which usually no one gets to touch.

I am hoping to link up every month from now on and see their relationship grow.

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