The Siblings Project February 2018

Totally missed this month Siblings project by four days. Unheard of. I have an excuse though. Last week it was midterm break in Ireland. Instead of sending the children to creche, we decided to take two days off and go on a mini break. It only took us to Sligo where we used live but the kids had a ball and the weather was amazing.

As I was saying last month, I was hoping for February that the weather would improve and we could go out more. It did brighten up and the temperatures are finally rising. We have been out for a few walks which is a nice break up of the day for the kids. At the beginning of the month it was Chloe’s third birthday.  Chloe got a Peppa Pig scooter. She loves going around on it when she is in creche and so I thought it was time to buy her own one. Matthew had one sitting in the shed but we discovered then that it was broken. Daddy was kind and took him to Smyths and purchased a new one. So they were scooting around the estate the other day.

Rewind back to a few months ago, Chloe was a bit scared going to the swimming pool when Matthew had his lessons. Fast forward now she knows it’s the weekend and time to go and watch Matthew go swimming. She absolutely loves it. Me and hubby take turns. I take the two of them when Matthew has his football lessons on a Sunday morning. The only reason why Chloe likes coming along, is because they get a football stamp at the end of the class. Matthew asks his teacher every time if Chloe can have one too. She got a bit more confident as well now and kicks the football around with me sometimes.

It’s so nice to watch how their bond grow day by day. A few weeks ago both decided they want to have baths together now. It used to be a case where I had to bath them seperately. Chloe is not the biggest fan of the water just yet. I have started introducing bubbles to them once they are probably washed including the hair which makes it even more enjoyable for them. It can be quite tricky to find the right product for them because both have dry skin.

Last week Matthew had his first mid term break from school. It was only two days but we decided to make the most of it and take it off. We went down to Sligo for two days and spent some time with their grandparents. They really enjoyed that. We also went on a walk in the woods where hubby and I had our first date years ago.

As much as they love each other, they also fight as much. But that’s only normal isn’t it?

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