How we spent June Bank Holiday

The weather has been just incredible the last week and a half. I couldn’t really enjoy it as much when sitting in the office all week last week but we tried to make the best out of it at lunch time and went down to the beach side for some lunch.

Then at the weekend it was a bank holiday weekend in Ireland. The weather couldn’t have been any better. On Saturday Sligo was recorded as the hottest place in whole Ireland. On my thermometer at home it was 29.7 degrees at one point. This was the perfect opportunity to get the kids used to the heat, the swimming pool and what else belongs to a hot summer because we are heading to Spain the beginning of August. Hubby was just back from his business trip to India on Friday.

We used the hot weather to its fullest and setup the garden with the parasol, got new sand for the sandpit, I blew up the swimming pool and filled it with water and also setup the beach shelter I picked up in Lidl 2 years ago. Up until this point I have never used it before because last year we didn’t seem to have the glorious summer.

2016-06-04 15.26.40

Saturday and Sunday was one of the hottest days. Saturday afternoon the swimming pool was good to go and we got the swim shorts out. Honestly I was really surprised that Matthew jumped into the pool because the water was cold. He can be really sensitive with certain things sometimes but he didn’t want to get out. I had to take him out at some stage  though because he was shivering then.
I tried to put Chloe into it with her swimsuit on that I purchased from H&M but she hates the cold water so instead she had some cuddles with daddy in her Minnie Mouse bath towel.

Chloe enjoyed some bumming around on the grass and some play time in the sand pit with her big brother.

2016-06-03 17.55.51

2016-06-04 16.23.28

Of course we had lots of ice cream. Good excuse. So far we have been able to stay away from the ice cream van that is passing by just after we had dinner. As the weather was so nice, we even had dinner outside. Chloe is a big fan of being outside anyway. She doesn’t like being in the house too long. Fresh air is good in the end.
2016-06-04 17.00.23

On Sunday we were out really early in the garden again. Straight after breakfast. Parasol up and the kids were able to play in the sandpit while us parents could chill out for a bit.

After Chloe’s nap time we were invited to hubby’s sisters house for some light lunch. She lives only on the other side of town. Matthew enjoys time over there because he gets his personal watering can and can water the flowers all day in front and back garden. He did water the path then to stop Chloe bumming all over the place which was a bit mean.

2016-06-05 15.56.30

Back in the house we had some relax time in the house because Matthew developed a little heat rash on his tummy. He loves his “own TV” which is the iPad. It’s so slow since the latest update that it’s only used for watching Sky Kids, Youtube Kids or Netflix.

2016-06-05 17.14.49

Sunday was a lazy Sunday for us really. Generally we do one walk a day at the weekend in the buggies for an hour but it was just way too warm for that. In the afternoon then daddy went to the shop and got us all an ice cream. Meanwhile I was putting everything away in the garden because thunderstorm, lightning and rain was about to hit us which cooled down the air a lot.


Have you done anything exciting at the weekend? Did you enjoy the weather?

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12 thoughts on “How we spent June Bank Holiday

  1. It makes such a difference when the weather is good, doesn’t it? We do love a bit of sunshine. Looks like you’ve had a really lovely time together. Yay for alfresco dining and that tent in the last photo looks fab 🙂

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend and made the most of the weather. We went camping so we did too. Bring back the sun x

  3. Aw I’m so glad you had such lovely weather on your bank holiday weekend. That would have been gutting if it rained! We’ve been having thunderstorms in England and mega rainshowers, it’s been really weird weather! xx

  4. We haven’t had any BBQs this summer yet. It’s just too much hassle setting it up with 2 kids I find. x

  5. Aw thats’s a shame. My son always wanted to play out the front but now that it is all setup he is happy to go in the garden.

  6. I love how kids just love sand and water play. We don’t have a garden to do that in which is a shame but we have a local park that has a sand pit area and a splash park we are going to check out soon.

  7. I love seeing how simple things like sand and water and the garden make children – we had a weekend like that too and it was perfect. Thanks so much for linking to #sharewithme hope you will join in next week xx
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