St. Patrick’s Day – Top 5 Pubs

Today I want to tell you about my favorite pubs I more than likely spend St. Patrick’s Day in. Sligo, the town I live in only has only 22.000 people so you can imagine it is small enough but the pubs are great. There is so many.

1. Mc Hughs

McHughs Web








Mc Hughs is great for going out in the evening times. It is the place to go to for parties like Halloween.

2. Fiddlers Creek







Fiddlers Creek is probably the best pub to spend the whole day in. I have been there a couple of times in the last few months. Their lunch is great if you want to grab something small like a sandwich but they do dinners as well. Also next to the pub they have a restaurant. You would normally have to book it as it can be fully booked most times at the weekend.

3. Strandhilll Bar








Strandhill is lovely because it is right beside the Atlantic Ocean. So if you are going to this pub, you are guaranteed to go for a walk in the dunes after or just along the beach.
Across the road you might even had a crepe or ice cream in Mama Johnston.

4. Belfry











The Belfry is popular day and night. Great food, good atmosphere in the evening and very popular for hen nights or parties in general.

5. Garavogue











In the summer Garavogue is a lovely place to sit outside and have your food and drink along the river. Inside they have these cool tables where you can make your own drinks/beers. You just have to leave your card behind.

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