How to keep your Thousands of Photos Safe

As a parent you are snapping away daily, just like me. Photos from your kids playing with their toys, on the swing in the park, on a holiday etc. It’s endless. I am particularly taking a lot of photos on my phone. It’s something I have with me at all times. Occasionally though, and it’s something I want to do more often this year, I am using my Sony compact camera which takes amazing quality images.

But how do you keep all these photos safe? What if your phone crashes, what if the SD card in your camera is corrupt? How and where do you keep them safe? What is the best way?

Up until 4 years ago, I used to keep all my photos on my laptop. Not the safest place either, if you think about. A laptop is very likely to crash these days and it would be a shame if you lost all your precious photos on it.
There are options to save all your photos on an external hard drive but I use the more efficient and safest way.

When I purchased my HTC ONE phone, they also gave me the option to create an account with a company called Dropbox. Dropbox keeps your documents, files and photos safe online. It’s a cloud based product.




1,200,000,000 files are being saved daily on Dropbox which is a massive amount.

dropbox growth


Originally I just got a few GB to start off with for free on my phone but it slowly built up and I only had this option for 2 years. We have so many photos going back years and years that I wanted to keep our Dropbox account and just pay yearly. Now everyone has a different opinion on this and some think it’s too expensive and just go ahead and buy a external hard drive, but that is entirely up to everyone.

We are paying ‚ā¨99 for 500GB of space. Last year then we received a lovely email from Dropbox telling us that we are going to receive another 500GB for the same price. So right now we have 1TB to fill with more memories. We are only at 64GB at the moment which means it will take us quite some time.

Dropbox can be accessed via the web, a mobile app or the desktop app. When you install the desktop app on your PC/laptop, it keeps a copy of all your files on your PC. If you have new files to upload, you can add them by simply copy and paste into the relevant folder.

Another thing I love is, whenever you take a photo on your phone, it syncs and uploads it automatically into a folder on your Dropbox account called Camera Uploads, once you have a data connection such as 3G or Wifi. This can be configured of course. This is very handy, for example when hubby is away somewhere in the world with work like he is right now, I can see photos of the places he is traveling to in seconds.

Dropbox is definitely easy to use and I would recommend it to everyone out there who likes to keep their files secure online rather than on their PC or hard drive.

How do you backup/ keep your photos safe?