Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys 5+

It is that time of the year again. Everyone is currently busy running into Smyths buying what is on their kids wish list. Or if you are like me, you might be already finished. I am waiting on the main present for Chloe and then it is into wrapping it all nicely and storing it away. This year I am bringing you all sorts of gift guides again, same as last year. The first one is boys who are five years old and older.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2017

This weekend, Sunday in fact, is the day where us mums celebrate. Mother’s Day is only five days away. I know, I know, some of you might say “it’s all a money making game” and yes you are right. But you also have to see it another way. Us mums are “working” 24/7, providing for the family, looking after the little ones, cleaning, cooking, etc. This day is dedicated to be pampered.

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Christmas Gift Guide 2016 for Cat Lovers


As a big cat lover myself, I couldn’t resist but also present you with a gift guide for all cat lovers out there. I grew up with cats since very small. In photo albums you can find me pictured with my multiple cats. Whether that’s on holidays or at home. You are guaranteed to find me with at least one cat. My cat at home in Germany managed to get to the age of 13 years. Her name was Schnurri. This will probably explain to you the meaning of my email address. Unfortunately she died many years ago. She was an indoor as well as an outdoor cat.

Since living in Ireland, my hubby and I had multiple cats, too. For some reason they always seem to get lost. The first cat we had was called Tiger. He went missing one day when we had a big storm.
Up until a few weeks ago, we had two cats for seven years. As I mentioned a million times at this stage, we moved house five weeks ago. It is recommended to leave the cat indoors and gradually give them some time outdoors. Unfortunately Bailey didn’t seem to take to it at all and he has gone missing since. He was a bit of a freak but still a lovely cat at the same time. It’s a real shame he is gone.

The remaining cat we have now is Missy. She was a stray that appeared underneath our shed one day six years ago. Since Bailey is gone, she has become an indoor cat. But because she is stray, she doesn’t trust anyone other one me and my hubby. She is terrified of the kids so only comes out of her little corner when the kids are in bed.

We are planning to get her a little friend to play with so she can brighten up and doesn’t get bored during the day when we are at work. I have been busy looking at websites to find a new kitten. Preferably male because I don’t think she gets on with female cats.

If you are a cat lover like me, you might love some of the items I found online.

Cat Door Mat

This wash and dry doormat is a perfect choice for any room in the house. Slip-resistant backing. We currently don’t have a door mat. Though it’s close to Christmas, I think we might go with a Christmassy one first.

Available on for £40

Reserved for The Cat Cushion

Guaranteed to raise a smile! Removable, washable cover. I could have million cushions in the house. They are so comfy to sit against. Sometimes the kids have other plans though and build bridges or slides.

Available on for £12.95

Mini cup carryall

Don’t know where to put your tea bag after having infused your tea or want a place for your biscuits? No problem with this mini cup carryall.

Available on for £5

Solar Paw Print Garden Lights

Sunlight charges the solar panel, and the paw prints light up automatically at dusk.  Great addition to our stone cat we have sitting outside.

Available on for £16

Cheeky Cat Tapestry Envelope Cat Purse

New cheeky cat design purse, compartments for notes and credit cards, zippered internal compartment for coins.
Secured by magnetic button clip

Available on for £11.99

Eddingtons Silicone Ice Tray – Cat Shape

Why not make ice that looks like a cat. The kids would certainly love this anyway.

Available on Amazon for £4.95

Cat magnets – LITTER BOX

I am really bad at forgetting to clean the cat toilet. This would be cool to pin onto the fridge door, because I mean we are going to the fridge door multiple times daily aren’t we? I wouldn’t forget anymore

Available onf Etsy for €5.84

MochoHome Soft Cartoon U Neck Travel Pillow – Black Cat

I don’t travel much but when I do I have been thinking of buying a neck travel pillow. Especially when you are flying, it gets awkward sometimes trying to get comfortable. This cat pillow is super cute.

Available on Amazon for £4.99

Cheeky Cat Tapestry Convertible Handbag

This would match the purse I presented you a couple of items before this.
Quality fabric handbag, Leatherette trim and fully lined. Internal pouch and internal zipped pocket, detachable shoulder strap and twin zippered top.

Available on for £23.99

Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Somebody who loves their tea or coffee and their cats definitely requires one of these mugs. I would put it on my Christmas wishlist if we wouldn’t have a million mugs already.

Available on Etsy

A Home without a Cat sign

“A home without a cat is just a house” hanging sign. In American retro style with a cute little red collar and bell Metal chain for hanging.
I love signs. This quote is so true. Who agrees?

Available on for £5

Now there you have it… a Christmas gift guide for all cat lovers out there. I hope I could be of help and you found the perfect gift for you.

What are you asking for Christmas this year?

Christmas Gift Guide Linky 2016

Well that week went fast. I completely forgot to rate the last weeks Christmas gift guide linky and pick my favourite one. Unfortunately I didn’t reach  many people who linked up. In fact there was only one. It was Megan from Whisper to Roar. She even was so kind and retweeted it on Twitter to make sure it spreads around.

Her post was all about Homeware and Stationary,. There were some really lovely bits there and I could see myself buying some of those for other people but I would also like some of them myself, for example the handmade signs.

As the linky hasn’t reached any people really, I decided to run another one but this time it won’t close until 17th December. That way hopefully I will have a few more people linking up to it. Remember, sharing is caring. I’d love for you to share on Twitter or even Facebook.

The rules are simple. Whenever you link up one of your posts, please make sure you comment on at least another blog post. I will try and comment on as many blog posts I can throughout the next coming weeks.

I will also share your posts on Twitter, so feel free to tweet me your links and we get your posts out there to all the other crowds who might be in need of some shopping and gift ideas for this Christmas.

I am going to link up all my gift related posts as I write them, so feel free to comment on them too.

HO HO HO and Happy Shopping!!!

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Christmas Gift Guide 2016 – For Him


Today on the blog I am sharing a gift guide for himself, the man in the house, the dad, the boyfriend. The items you can see above are based on things I am going to buy for my other half for Christmas. Considering he is reading my blog everyday, it means he already knows what he is getting but that’s ok. Some items on this list he asked for anyway. Hopefully this will help you find something for your hubby/fiance/boyfriend.

1 Tonic Shirt And Tie Set

As a manager he needs to be dressed smart pretty much everyday, apart from the weekends of course. And Friday it’s actually casual Friday. I find that men can never have enough shirts. Hubby has all sorts of different colours but in my opinion he has a lack of neutral coloured ones. I like the look of this shirt which comes with the tie and it goes with pretty much every suit.

Available in Next for €38

2 & 6 Textured Suit: Trousers & Jacket

I love the suits you can pick up in Next. In saying that I am surprised I have never bought one for hubby in there. He can be very picky when it comes to suits. He only has one suit and in my opinion, the job he is in, he requires AT LEAST two. I think this one is a lovely colour. I have a thing for navy coloured suits.

Trousers at €48 and Jacket at €103 available in Next

3 Babolat Racket Holder

Since we moved house, hubby is way more into his tennis and goes for a session at least once a week. I am planning to go soon too… eventually. They actually have a dome in this town’s tennis club which means I don’t even have to play outside in the wind and rain. His tennis bag is quite ancient. He deserves a new one. He has two Babolat rackets to store. The coolest feature it comes with is that you can create your own tag so your bag is unique to everybody elses. Simply go to mybabolatbag,com.

Available on for £55

4 Long Sleeve Premium Waffle Grandad

Whenever I ask hubby what he wants for Christmas, all I am getting is “something practical”. Men always need clothes. Most of them hate shopping and for that reason they never have enough clothing in their press even though they tell you they do. You can never have enough jumpers especially in the cold seasons.

Available at Next for €24.50

5 ECCO business shoes

A few weeks ago hubby lost his business shoes… as you do. With the whole move going on and all, we haven’t got a chance yet to pick up a new pair. We will probably purchase these before Christmas but I would highly recommend these. These are the same ones he had before he lost them. Very comfortable and slip on. They are super light and have a flexible sole.

Available on for €120

7 Philips AquaTouch AT887/16 Wet & Dry electric shaver with pop-up trimmer

AquaTouch features an inbuilt seal, AquaTec, which means that the shaver is 100% waterproof and optimised for use with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort and minimizing skin irritation. The benefit of shaving in the shower is that your pores open, allowing a closer shave, and it’s gentler on your skin too. 3 minute quick charge provides enough power for one shave, so that you are always prepared, even when the battery is empty. An energy-efficient, powerful lithium-ion battery gives you more shaves per charge. Charge it for an hour, and you’ll have up to 45 minutes of shaving time – that’s around 15 shaves.

Available at Boots for €79.99 (On sale at the moment)

8 Boss Bottled For Men Eau de Toilette Spray 50ml

A man also needs to smell good. Why not try out the classic Boss Bottled for Men.

Boss Bottled is an oriental fougere fragrance. Its fresh top notes include apple and citrus fruits. In the heart, sweeter, warmer notes of geranium, cinnamon and cloves. In the base notes, dry spicy scents of sandalwood, vetiver, cedarwood, olivewood, amber and musk create a distinctly masculine dry down. Boss Bottled is the encapsulation of Boss in a fragrance.

Available at Boots for €60 (different sizes available)

9 Mr Jenks Pocket Square

Based in Dublin, Mr. Jenks is an Irish brand supplying stylish pocket squares that every gentleman wants.

This 100% Linen, Houndstooth Patterned Pocket Square is a contemporary way to define your look. Made in White Linen, this Pocket Square is interwoven with a Brown Plaid design finished with brown striped edge. A Hand-Hemmed finish completes this look with deluxe. This Pocket Square is a perfect addition to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe as well as being an all year round accessory.

Different styles available at from  €24.99

10 adidas Tennis Tee – Solar Blue

This T-shirt is perfect for playing tennis. It features climalite technology.

Available on

What are you planning to buy your other half this Christmas?

Disclaimer: I was gifted with a pocket square for the purpose of featuring it in this gift guide.

Christmas Gift Guide Linky 2016 #1

It’s that time of the year again. The stress of going out to the busy shopping centres, queuing up to get parked and purchasing Christmas presents. Have you got an idea yet what to buy your other half, your mum, your dad, your kids, your pets?

Last year my Christmas gift guide linky was somewhat a success. I wanted to bring it back to life this year to make life easier for people who haven’t got a clue yet what to buy.  This is where you lovely bloggers come in.  Please join me in my gift guide linky leading up to Christmas.

Every Monday at 9am the gift guide linky will open to link up your posts relating to Christmas gift guides. This can be also reviews that you might think work for someone to buy for this season. A perfume you recently were sent and think somebody else might purchase it, a toy review, etc. You get the idea. Pretty much everything goes but no competitions please.

The linky will be left open until Sunday night at 11pm.

And these are the other main rules you need to follow:

• You can link up to 2 posts
• Make sure you comment on the hosts posts and 2 other entries
• Include the badge at the bottom of the post #xmasgiftguidelinky
• Feel free to tweet me your entry and I will retweet

HO HO and Happy Shopping!

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