If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

Last weekend we decided to do something different for once. Weekends are family weekends. It is the only time we actually get some quality time together because the week is just so busy with work. Then you are straight into making dinners. I don’t schedule our weekends. It’s whatever happens, happens.

On Friday I thought the weather is going to stop us from going for a walk in the woods on Saturday. It was dark, dull, windy and it was raining the whole day. Saturday morning wasn’t any different to be honest. Thankfully it brightened up a bit in the afternoon. It was still cloudy but at least it wasn’t raining. In Ireland you can’t wait for the sun to appear. Go out when it stops raining and hope for the best that it stays like that for an hour or two.

We always go for walks in the park with the two buggies or go into town. Now that Matthew is four, I kind of want him to get away from being in the buggy a lot. We decided to go to Hazelwood.


Hazelwood is a special  place for us. It’s a place hubby and I went on our first date almost eight years ago. It is actually a funny story. I won’t bore you about it now though. I might do a seperate post next time how me and hubby met.



So we parked the car and went down to the lake first to see the ducks. We didn’t take some bread unfortunately. Next time I will remember. Matthew was chasing the ducks more than anything else. Generally there are swans, too but on Saturday there were non for some reason. Then again I find swans can be dangerous, especially when you are out with the kids, so better they are staying away.


Off we went on a long walk through the woods. Matthew was fascinated by the tree trunks. He just couldn’t get his head around that there was no tree anymore but just a trunk left. While on the walk we stopped at the lake multiple times to have a look at the view, climbing up a hill or making a pit stop at a bench. I can definitely see that Matthew has grown up a lot. The last time we went to Hazelwood, Matthew got tired and wanted to be carried after walking just 10 minutes or so. This time he walked it all by himself and didn’t complain once. That makes walks way more enjoyable because at nearly 17kg he is just too heavy. He is breaking our backs.




We ended our walk with a family photo on “our bench”. It is the bench I laid my head on hubby’s shoulder to show him I fancy him nearly eight years ago. It might sound cheesy but it’s true. This bench will be in our memories forever. I won’t spoil it but you will see our family photo on Friday in the next Me and Mine project. So be patient… two more days.