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PicsArt_1431728329627Yay another tag! I have been tagged by the lovely Yaz over on GlitterMamaWishes. First I wasn’t sure if I should take part in this linky because coming up with 26 things isn’t that easy but it was fun I have to say. So here we go…:

A – Au Pair, I worked as an Au Pair for 2 years when I first came over to Ireland in 2006.

B – Banana, first thing that comes to my mind. Probably because Matthew is obsessed with eating banana in the morning.

C – Cat, even though Bailey can be a pain opening the front door (Yes, he puts weight on the handle to get it open!!!) I still love him. Same goes for Missy.

D – Disney, I’m obsessed with it. I can’t wait to bring the kids to Paris when they are old enough.

E – Elephant, as a child I was sitting on an elephant in my hometown’s square and even made it into the paper.

F – Fishing, I used to love going fishing as a kid with my friends.

G – Germany, I was born in Germany.

H – Hat, for some reason I just can’t stand wearing hats. The closest I get to one is wearing the hood of my rain jacket.

I – Internet, its sad but we would be lost without it these days.

J – Janine, my name is French.

K – Keyboard, as a child I took years of keyboard lessons. I can still play today.

L – License, I’m holding my driver’s license 10 years this year. Madness!

M – Mum, unfortunately my mum is not with us any more but she used to be my best friend rather than daughter/mother relationship.

N – Nails, I wish I wouldn’t have the bad habit of biting my nails.

O – Online Shopping, sometimes I wish I didn’t exist, especially when you are on maternity leave!

P – Peppa Pig, how can it not come into my mind playing every day after creche 6.30pm. I know all episodes off by heart now and worse, same with the board books.

Q – Queuing, used to be a big part of my teenage life for concerts, signings etc.

R – Rain, I just don’t like it and it puts me into a bad mood. I know I know, I live in the wrong country to be complaining about that.

S – Spain, if it wasn’t the language I would have moved here instead of Ireland.

T – Tea, a bit milky and 2 sugars please. At least I’m Irish in that sense.

U – Utility, I would love to have a utility room in our house.

V – Volkswagen, I’m driving a passat. I had to sadly sell my Audi q3 because I never got any mileage out of it but I don’t look back. I love my VW.

W – Wedding, we are finally getting married next summer.

X – X Factor, hubby and I are watching it every year even though it eased off last year.

Y – YouTube, we’d be lost without it. Nursery rhymes, how to etc. I  like to look it all up

Z – Zzzz, I love my sleep! If I don’t get a certain amount I get cranky.

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  1. Great list Janine and what a nice way to start getting to know you. Pssstt…I don’t like hats either and own a grand total of zero.
    Muuka recently posted…The A to Z of meMy Profile

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