The Christmas Wish List

How’s everyone’s Christmas shopping going so far? Have you started yet or are you still struggling and thinking “what do I get my little ones for Xmas this year”?

I have started the shopping 2 or 3 weeks ago now at this stage because December is so fast approaching that it becomes quite hectic. The other thing to it is that the shops are packed full of people coming closer to Xmas so I prefer to have it all organised in one pile and ready to go to be wrapped.

This year Matthew will be getting a whole lot new toys. I haven’t bought him any new proper toys in ages to be honest. He kind of gets bored of his old toys now or it’s more the case of he has grown out of them. It’s time to make room for some new ones.


This is what Daddy and Mammy have bought him so far. As a boy he started finding interest in trains and cars.

Little tikes car carrier ist just ideal. I remember he was mad into it in his cousins house during the summer. He will love the fact that he has his own one soon now. I purchased this in Smyths but it can be bought in any main toy store.

Lego duplo is great for his motoring skills and get him to concentrate on something longer. The tractor has to be build from scratch to be a tractor. Let’s see how he is going to master that.

Before the weather started to get worse and it was brighter outside we went outside a lot. The neighbours kids would be about 2 or 3 years older than him and he would be off with one of their scooters. I got him his own Jake and the Neverland Pirates scooter now. No more fighting.

The Trunki is mainly for when we are going away on weekends (not that we go away much). He can pack his own clothes and the best thing I like about this suitcase is that they can sit on it and can be pulled along. No carrying, so handy.

I am undecided on the items below…


He’s a big fan of Mickey mouse. He is big into his phones.
I’ve seen a lot of bloggers lately who purchased a tippee tent for their kids. This one is more like a pop up tent and a lot cheaper. I haven’t decided if I’m going to invest in a proper tippee tent or not. Maybe one of you can help me out.

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