The Cot Bed to Big Boy Bed Move

After dragging it on for so long with me I finally decided to move Matthew into his new big boy bed from IKEA. He could have easily stayed in it longer as he’s so comfy in it cuddling into the side of it but the reason why I had to move him now is because Chloe is getting way too big for her moses basket.



I decided to go with a junior bed because they get way more time out of it. It’s 70 x 160cm. Whereas a toddler bed is really just a cot bed with the rails off as both are 70 x 140cm. For the price of €65 I think the bed is a great investment for a long time. It is so comfy to sleep in too that even I could sleep in it with him.

So anyway, the move happened yesterday evening. A friend of mine and I built it together and moved the cot bed from Matthew’s room into Chloe’s at the same time.

I was worrying the whole day and thinking about how the move will go in the evening. We didn’t do anything too exciting beforehand so everything goes smoothly. Matthew and I went upstairs like every evening to get ready for bed. He walked around the corner straight into his room to find his new bed. Right there I thought the drama is going to happen and he will have tantrums. Never! He went over, straight into it, head on the pillow and wanted the blanket over him. It was some job trying to dress him in his PJ’s and read him a story before bedtime. He wanted to get into that bed so badly. It didn’t ruin his sleeping pattern at all. He slept until 7.30am in the morning like he always does.

Today on day 2 of the move it was the same. He didn’t have a nap on top of that as he only seems to be taken these in creche not at the weekend anymore. He was asleep in seconds in it. I can only say I don’t regret moving him. I have to admit though, I can’t let go of the baby monitor.

The next big thing on the list tomorrow maybe is to have Chloe asleep in her bed in her own room.

At what age did you move your little one into a big bed?

10 thoughts on “The Cot Bed to Big Boy Bed Move

  1. Good luck! I don’t find that late at all. It’s when they are ready. Mine isn’t potty trained at all yet. No intention. Even when he’s not trained until 3.5 years I’m not concerned.

  2. Ah bless, I’m so glad it’s gone so well for you. We’ve actually just done the same thing today with my three year old. I know she’s quite late to move but she really wasn’t ready before. I hope she gets on as well as your little one!x
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  3. Wow that’s early. I think I would have had a freak attack. Lol my boy didn’t walk until 18 months so everything a bit later.

  4. Not at all. I moved him when she needed his. He even seen his bed in her room. Didn’t mind at all.

  5. Ah plenty of time. My boy turns 3 the end of August. So I left it the right time I think. As long as they don’t try to climb out of the cot I think they are nice and snug.

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