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When a blogger’s child reaches a milestone or does something that you have never seen her doing before, you are getting totally excited and want to blog about it to let the world know, right? This is exactly what this post is about.

Despite mammy and daddy being sick all week, we had some joys from Chloe. We were supposed to go down to Cork for the week but little Chloe gave us her stomach bug. First day or two were spent in bed. Meanwhile we are 95% better.

On Wednesday Chloe was sitting on the couch but with cushions behind her, because even if she is 7 months old she was still not able to sit up to this point. While we were sitting on the couch, Chloe was pulling herself up to sit down. She did that multiple times in the past, but either fell back or to the side. This time she actually held herself and was even able to play with her rattle and other toys.

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From now on it can only go upwards and she will be able to sit up without the support soon enough I hope. Her brother didn’t sit up without support until he was 8 months old or so. I thought she might be able to copy her brother,  but no, she is just as lazy as him.

Yesterday two things happened at the same time. I was meant to set up the high chair for Chloe ages ago. I just never got around to it. Busy at work, busy with the kids or cooking.  Now that I was off for a week I could get all this ready. Matthew is out of his high chair full-time now. A few weeks ago, he was still sitting in it for his breakfast but not he always wants to sit at the table with us, so he turned into a big boy. Perfect timing to start feeding Chloe in the high chair, as in the bouncer, bending down all time, my back is in bits.

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She also managed to pick up her cup now and drink out of it all by herself. I think the high chair might be also a bit help and support for her rather than the bouncer where the cup basically could fall anywhere. Well done Chloe on reaching these milestones little girl. There will be plenty more to come in the next few months.

Has your little one recently reached a milestone? Please comment below. 

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