The Love for Leggings

Girls are great for leggings. Over the last 6 months I have developed a slight obsession for them.  Chloe has more leggings than tops or socks. Her press is full in fact.

I have been trialing a few different companies like Mothercare, H&M, Primark and Next, I now frequently buy her leggings in H&M and Next. They might be a bit more pricey but I find them the best. First of all they are quite stretchy especially the ones from H&M and second of all the length is bang on.
I bought quite a few leggings from Mothercare a while ago in size 12-18 months. It’s grand when she wears them for the first time, but once you wash them they shrink and then they are too short and also the end of the leg are stretched. The material is too soft which might explain why they become like that.
I know every child can be different because Matthew lived in clothes from Mothercare but his body build was a bit different to Chloe’s.

I was never a fan of tights. As a child myself I never wore them but I never liked to wear leggings either. I pretty much live in them. How times have changed.

We are at the stage now where I have to do what I do best and buy a whole lot of new leggings online because she has grown out of most of her 9-12 months leggings. She is nearly 14 months in fairness so she got great wear out of them considering she lives in them daily.

With that in mind I am in the middle of purchasing new leggings for her. I am open to any new leggings shops like instagram shops or actual websites if anyone knows any good ones. You are more than welcome to bombard me with links in the comments below.

H&M Leggings:

H&M Leggings

As well as normal leggings, H&M also has a lot of organic clothes. This is sometimes essential because both my kids have eczema.

Next Leggings:

Next Leggings

With Next I like the funky ones the best. The watermelon ones are a must! Very fresh looking and perfect for the summer.
Readers who have been following my blog for the last year might have noticed that I have a slight obsession with cat clothes. For that reason I threw in a mix of cat leggings there, too.

Do you prefer leggings or tights on your girl?

9 thoughts on “The Love for Leggings

  1. Ah I love leggings! I have boys but even they wear boy leggings a lot coz theyre so comfortable and you can get them in so many great designs!
    I cant vouch for girl brands but Im sure there are lots of Instagram shops for them, I find most of my favourite kids clothes on IG shops these days!
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  2. They are georgoues I have a boy though so don’t know any good legging brands. Have u checked zara though? I tend to love their bots clothing but not looked at the girls.

  3. Love leggings on children! As I have a son he wears Zara ones! Although their sizings can be off and Ben is super skinny, and some have a massive waist which is a shame!

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