What If… Theory Test in Ireland 

This year marks 11 years of being the owner of a driver’s license. I started doing my driving test when I was only 17 years old. I received my license in Germany which means I have a Full EU license. There are pros and cons to having a Full EU license. Over the last few years I’ve learnt when you renew your car insurance, the reason why it’s so ridiculously expensive, is because of having a Full EU license. If I was to have an Irish license, it would be a good bit cheaper. That doesn’t mean I am going to change my license for an Irish one. On the other side I did my driving test driving on the right hand side of the road. Whenever I am abroad and I decide to rent a car in Europe somewhere, it would be easy for me to adjust driving on the right.

I remember the first time driving in Ireland. Same as the UK they are driving on the left hand side on the road. Having the clutch on the left was probably the most difficult thing I had to get used to. I adapted quite quickly though.

I didn’t do so well in the theory test at first. It took me 4 attempts until I passed. The way it works in Germany is, once you have failed 3 times, you have a waiting time of 3 months but you can apply to shorten it to a month which I did. The 4th time then I passed. Thank god.
At this point I just want to thank my grandad for helping me through it by paying for my license.

The rules of driving on the road in Germany to driving on the road in Ireland are slightly different. Recently I’ve seen a video of a friend on YouTube about doing the test again. She has had her license for 12 years and she wanted to see how she would do now after 12 years.
I have been meaning to do the same thing but I just kept forgetting to put a draft post into WordPress.

The test was 40 questions long. I can’t actually remember how long my test was that I did in Germany but it took around 30 mins. On this one I had 40 mins.

I have to say the test was definitely a different experience. Not only for the fact that I failed but also the questions. The road rules are slightly different in Ireland in my opinion. When I first started driving in Ireland, I did notice that it seems so much easier to drive around. We have many ridiculous rules in Germany on estate roads for example. Any road that doesn’t have a kerbstone, you have to give the right away. Then again you can’t really compare the roads of a small country to another country with 82 million people.

driving test

If you already have a driving license but you would like to do the test again, why not follow this link and test yourself.

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  1. In my opinion it all depends on the questions you get. You could get away with easy question.

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