They are growing up too quickly

So here it is…



My boy is turning 2 this week. How fast did that go? Our kids are just growing up too fast. It’s madness.

This weekend he even got a hair cut so he looks all smart and cute for his birthday party on Saturday.




Didn’t go to plan that well but we got it cut eventually. Anyone going near his hair or anything else he completely freaks out. Mum’s of older kids, please tell me that gets easier.

We had a very lazy weekend. Didn’t do anything at all but I think we all deserve that sometimes.

I’ll be blogging about Matthew’s birthday/birthday party. So stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “They are growing up too quickly

  1. I wish it would be that easy. It will definitely not work in the bath. The only place it worked so far was when he was sitting in the high chair.

  2. We usually put water in the basin and let him play with a few small cups, toys in the water while the hair is cut. That works quite well most of times. 🙂

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