The Three Best 4x4s for Families

When it comes to choosing a family car there are many options available on the new and used markets. From a compact hatchback to a seven-seater MPV, there’s something to fit every sized family and budget. Recently there has also been a rise in the number of SUVs and crossovers and in many ways, these can be a good choice due to their size and practicality.

Here are three of the best 4X4s worth considering if you’re after a new family car.

1. Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover is notorious for producing some of the finest 4X4s around and the Discovery is arguably its greatest model. First launched in 1989, with the fifth generation of the mid-size SUVs going on sale in 2017, this means there’s an option to suit most tastes and budgets.
Definitely not the cheapest choice, especially when bought new, it can however easily seat seven, ideal for any growing family. The luxury interior gives the cabin a high-class feel, with the newest models including plenty of technology. All models feature a top level off-road ability and AA Cars have a range of second-hand options to please your wallet too.

2. Nissan X-Trail

The Nissan X-Trail is a compact crossover, though it has grown in size over its lifetime. Its four-wheel drive system is one of the best when exploring the wilderness too, great for any family camping holidays or for the school run for those who live out in the sticks.
Again, plenty of second-hand models can be found at fantastic prices (in some cases for less than £5,000). Combining comfort, practicality and reliability, in many ways this is the perfect package. Older versions may not be the easiest on the eye and there are only five seats, but there’s plenty of space and it offers a great driving experience.

3. Honda CR-V

Using the Honda Civic platform with an SUV style, the Honda CR-V is another crossover that provides space, style and an excellent four-wheel drive system. Only five seats, but the rear is wide enough to fit in three child seats when required, with a spacious boot.
If style is a concern then one of the fourth or fifth generation models are best thanks to a more refined appearance, though each one offers an efficient and capable drive. The four-wheel drive system is only part-time too, making it fuel efficient when not required.

There are many more great family 4X4s for sale both new and used, yet these three options offer some of the best all-round packages.

Have you been thinking of getting a SUV for the family?

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