Tips for Babies with Colic

We’ve had a few tough weeks with Chloe. She has been in discomfort and spat up loads of milk. In the first place I thought she had reflux which can be a nightmare but she didn’t show all signs of having reflux.

On Friday then we went to the GP to have her 6 week check up. I mentioned her feeding habits to the doctor. She asked me lots of questions.

It is trial and error to figure out whether your baby has colic or reflux. In the end we came to the conclusion that she has colic which basically means she is a windy baby. I am kinda glad because this only lasts up to the age of 3/4 months. I am counting down the weeks!


So what can you do to make it the most comfortable for baby to deal with the colic? The most important thing first of all is be patient. there will be times where she could be screaming down the house. Stay calm, it’s not her fault.

So here are some tips that seem to help with the colic. I am sure there’s lots more out there but this is to prevent to make it worse.

1. Lacteeze


These drops you add to the milk directly for every feed. I don’t know how you do it for breastfed babies but you can use it for that too. This is to break down the lactose in the milk. And you know what, it helps her a good bit. she stirs less and doesn’t create as much wind.

2. Making up bottles

I have the kettle boiled and use the water 24hrs long and make the bottles up as I need them. On Matthew I heated them up, even at night. I saved myself the hassle this time.  But instead of shaking the bottle when adding the powder I now use a fork so it creates less bubbles, which means less issue with wind for baby.

3. Cooled boiled water

The GP recommended to me to give cooled boiled Water. I’d imagine because it is plain water it must helep breaking down the wind.

4. Upright

For colic babies it is important to burp them as often as you can. It is recommended every 2-3 mins when feeding her. I know it is hard to keep a baby upright for 15-20 mins after the feed when she is stirring non stop but it does help before putting her down for a sleep.

5. Walks 

And finally… Walks, walks walks, lots of walks. Some days I can’t settle Chloe in her Moses basket at all and she is losing sleep. That’s where I wrap her up and bring her out for a walk and she is asleep straight away.

Did you have a colicy baby? How did you deal with it and how long did it take before it was gone?

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6 thoughts on “Tips for Babies with Colic

  1. My daughter cried for the first 6 months of her life. The doctor called it colic and basically told me to deal with it. We saw another doctor who said that it wouldn’t hurt her to try antacids for reflux and when we did it was like a different baby.

    Colic is the worst. It will test your patience and exhaust you. Here’s to hoping it passes quickly.

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  2. Oh I wish I bought a swing but instead I bought a bouncer and we already have one sitting here from Matthew but I didn’t find it as comfortable.

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