Top 5 Cartoons watched in our house

The weather is so bad lately that Matthew watches a bit more TV than usual. Generally I just let him watch 1 hour a day. I don’t believe watching TV is bad for kids though. These days there are so many educational programmes.
Anyway, I had an idea of creating a list of cartoons Matthew loves to watch.

1. Curious George


Number 1 always will be “Curious George”.  A little monkey and his owner with the yellow hat. Before Matthew could talk he used to imitate the sound of a monkey to let us know he would like to watch it. He still does but is able to say ‘George’ as well now. Unfortunately there’s no merchandise for this cartoon in Smyths for example because it’s an American cartoon.

2. Thomas the tank engine


Over the last few weeks Matthew has developed a passion for trains. What else would you be watching than “Thomas the tank engine”. The smile on his face when it comes on tele is so cute. A few weeks ago he was really sick and I bought 2 push along trains for Xmas. I had to give him one before Xmas. I’m glad I did because he’s playing with it everyday.

3. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse


Of course Mickey Mouse cannot be missing on this list. Which child doesn’t like Mickey Mouse.

4. Tom and Jerry


I don’t actually know how we got to “Tom and Jerry” but I think daddy turned it on one day and Matthew was fascinated by it. Probably because there’s a cat in it and he loves cats. We have 2 cats at home. I think he prefers the old episodes to the new ones.

5. Peppa Pig


Same as Mickey Mouse “Peppa Pig” cannot be missing off this list. I don’t know what fascinates kids with this pig but it must be the clear images and no big actions going on in the cartoons. a simple house, or playground etc.

What do your toddlers/kids like to watch?

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4 thoughts on “Top 5 Cartoons watched in our house

  1. I LOVE curious George and so does Reuben which is nice. R tends to also watch Peppa Pig, that’s a big favourite, Monsters University (it used be Monsters Inc but he HATES it now??) and he also quite likes a bit of Doc McStuffins. I don’t mind him watching a bit either. I tend to watch with him with a cuppa 😉

    Thanks for linking up to #Thelist! Hope you’ve had a good week xxx

  2. Our top cartoons vary a lot. Depends who is choosing and what mood we are in! But Peppa blummin Pig is on alot and they do like Curious George (much to my dismay…I hate it!!!)


  3. Elsa loves Curious George, Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig too! I really like Disney Junior shows so we tend to watch that most. She is a big Doc McStuffins fan too. I think its all the bright colours and singing! Oh and I can’t forget In The Night Garden! That’s probably her favourite after Peppa! She adores Iggle Piggle. #TheList

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