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Now that I am officially blogging well over a year I thought it would be fun to go through that year and pick my top 7 posts I am proud of. Originally I wanted to only share 5 with you but there’s just too many that mean a lot to me so it was hard enough to narrow it down to even 7.


1. It has been a year

Many of you may know that my mum died of cancer early last year. I wrote about it back then but a year later I posted a collage I made for her to put up on my wall with all the lovely  memories we had the last few years and a little poem.

2. My Childhood Toys vs. Toys from Today

I love comparing stuff so I compared my toys I had in my childhood with toys from today. It is fascinating how different everything is now only 20-25 years later.

3. 10 things to do while on maternity leave

Are you on maternity leave right and don’t know what to with your free time? Have a look at my list of 10 things you could do. I have them nearly all ticked off but I only have 3 more weeks left on maternity leave.

4. Our Weaning Journey – A Guide

It is a great to look back on how you weaned your first baby and then maybe take some tips to  wean your second one or even see how different your second one is. This is also a little guide for first-time-mums who need a little help.

5. 10 Types of sounds to avoid when kids asleep

Are you one of those parents who try to keep the noise down as much as possible in the evening time so you get a little bit of me time? Are you trying to avoid flushing the toilet so the kids don’t wake? Check out this post for many more annoying sounds that could possibly wake a child but more than likely is just in your head and he/she sleeps through.

6. Childproofing the house and what we actually needed

Your little one started crawling or bum shuffling lately. This means you need to start childproofing the house and make sure it is a safe environment. Have a look at this post to see what is needed and what we actually needed for Matthew.

7. How I spent a summer day as a child

And another childhood post. See how much I love these? This time it is about how I spent summer as a child. I can tell you I had an awesome child. Why not read more about it.


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