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My four year old is very attached to his iPad now. A few months ago he was playing maybe one game on it and that was it. It was kind of my fault though because I never set it up properly. We have the first generation iPad mini. It’s alright for running apps on it but browsing internet or apps can take a bit of an age. I think it is mainly because the software on it doesn’t really suit the iPad mini anymore. We were thinking of getting him the latest model but for now it will do to be honest.

I setup the iPad in such a way now where Matthew has his own page with all his apps on it. Then there is a page that are just mummy’s apps. He knows that. As we are only three weeks from Halloween, I started looking for Halloween themed apps for kids in the last week. There are so many. It wasn’t easy to find some decent ones. I didn’t really want to pay for one either. I tried out quite a few ones, deleted the ones I don’t like. Some of them have some quite annoying “features” on it where you get to play two games and then you have to buy the full version, or there are apps all over the place. Something a four year old can click on quite easily. He can’t purchase anything until he puts the password in, but he gets quite annoyed when something doesn’t work out the way he wants it to.

In the end I ended up with seven really good apps which are also free. Matthew really enjoys playing these.

Halloween Kids – This is a memory game. You will notice that there are ads coming up quite a few times but I really like this game and so does Matthew. He learned how to exit out of the ads so that’s why it’s actually alright.

Halloween Junior  This game has four mini games in it which makes it a quite big app content. One is whack a ghost, which is based on whack a mole. The second game you have to remember what grave Frankenstein came out of. The third game is all about memory again. A pumpkin is hiding underneath one of three ghosts. They fly around and you have to spot the ghost who has the pumpkin underneath him. The fourth game Tic Tac Toe. You  are the pumpkin and you play against Frankenstein

Color Monster – Just like the names says, lots and lots of colouring in pages. What I love most about this app is, that you cannot colour over the lines. It knows when you touched an area, it won’t go over it. A cool other feature is the rainbow pen. It colours the whole page.

Color Therapy – Another app colouring Halloween themed pages. It’s a bit more difficult but if your child loves colouring in, they will certainly have the patience to do these.

Halloween Sounds – This app teaches you about the different sounds that happen around Halloween. From Scream, Vampires to a witch. The faces look really cute. Matthew was imitating them this evening before bedtime. We only got the light version but I am thinking of buying the full version.

Halloween Puzzle – Great app for kids who love doing puzzles/jigsaws. There are several different ones and you can unlock more if you wish. It starts off easy with the background of the image and then gives you just a plain background which makes it a bit harder.

Disney Emoji Blitz – I have this app on my phone as well. Recently they added Halloween themed Mickey Mouse & Co. It works pretty much the same as Candy Crush Soda. You have to unlock all the different Disney characters in this case.

How do you prepare your kids for Halloween?

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16 thoughts on “Top 7 Halloween Apps for Kids

  1. It’s amazing how many there actually are under 5 section. I do tend to pay for a few too like the Disney ones for example.

  2. Do check them out, I love downloading apps that teach them about Halloween, Christmas etc. xx

  3. I never even thought to look for Halloween themed app’s. I know what i’ll be down loading onto the iPad tomorrow for Finley to have a look at. Brilliant post xxx

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