The Ultimate Kids Party Planning Tips Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

As a parent, you’ll undoubtedly be asked (or expected) to throw a party for your children most years until they hit their teens. It’s almost a given that kids want to celebrate (and quite rightly so), however it’s often difficult to know what works and what doesn’t, especially if you’re a first time parent.

With that in mind, the team here at Twizzle, London’s leading kids party planners, took the decision to put together The Ultimate Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet. Above all else, it’s been put together to help you make basic decisions as to what could work when planning a party for your little one based upon, primarily, their age. From the right venue to the right number of guests, food and a range of top tips; we’ve got it all covered!

The Ultimate Kids Party Planning Cheat Sheet

I found this very interesting to read. Especially now that I am in the middle of organising my girls first birthday party. Her birthday is on Monday but we are going to have the party the weekend after that because her grandparents are off to another birthday party somewhere else this weekend unfortunately. But this weekend we will have the cake smash photo shooting. That is if I get in all the bits on time.

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  1. I’ve done a few kids parties now for my 3 kids. I love snacks for the parents or getting mobile number of parents if they are leaving their kids.

  2. We’ve got N’s joint party this weekend. He’s 5, but only inviting 5 people wouldn’t have happened until he’s probably a year+ older. This time we’ve got the whole class plus NCT friends, and that’s turning out to be 21 (although 1 child was ill yesterday so not sure if he’ll be there).

  3. This is sich a cool idea. My little girl is 4 this year and party planning seems such a stress but this has helped me think about it. Thank you. X

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