A Weekend Of Soft Play & Colouring

It looks like autumn is on its way. At the weekend it definitely showed its side. It was raining all weekend. For Ireland we had such a great summer and it was always warm enough to be going outside in a T-shirt or a light cardigan. I am going to miss it. But autumn is also a good excuse to fill up the wardrobe and do clothes shopping.

On Saturday I went to do the grocery shopping in the morning like I do every Saturday. I do my shopping in Lidl. For me it is the cheapest grocery shop. I am going to Tesco for bits like Tesco nappies though.
We had some lunch and Chloe went up for her nap after.

In the afternoon we managed to fit in a walk for an hour. The sun was out for a bit and it was the perfect time to catch some fresh air. We popped to the shop for a treat. The kids had some chocolate and we walked back home. As we entered the door, it started to rain. Perfect timing.
Matthew and I did some colouring in. He loves it at the moment. We received a couple of educational books from Orchard Toys a while ago and now that he started pre-school, i thought it would be ย great opportunity to get them out and start him on Numbers and the Alphabet. We are as far as number eight now. I do a row of numbers and then it’s his turn. He’s doing great. We just need to learn how to hold the pen right.


On Sunday it was miserable. It was raining all day. We were up early and bright (8am) and I decided we could go to the local play centre which is 15 mins down the road. Matthew had his 3rd birthday party there last year and he received a voucher for a free entry to the play centre. We could finally make use of this on Sunday. Chloe was free to go in anyway because she is not walking yet. This was Chloe’s first time going to soft play and actually be able to play with the toys. Last time we’ve been, she was only a baby.




She had an absolute ball. She even went down the slide multiple times. There was no stopping her. Hubby got us a hot chocolate while the kids were having fun and Chloe shared a bit of flake chocolate with me.


Only a couple of minutes after we arrived in the play centre, one of Matthew’s friends from creche came too. Her name is Sophie. They love playing together and are best buddy’s. It meant daddy can have a break and didn’t have to go up and down with him. Sophie and Matthew went down the slide together. They had great fun. It’s amazing how much you can fit into just one hour.


As the days become shorter and slowly but surely autumn is on its way, it also means the weather will turn. We’ll be definitely taking advantage of more soft play mornings at weekends.

Did you do anything nice at the weekend?

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  1. I know what it’s like. Matthew wants to do colouring piece and then his little sister comes in. I can’t wait until he has his own play room. x

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