Why my Toddler cries

At the moment I am really struggling with Chloe. I have to admit she’s not an easy child and that’s ok. All children are different but she’s taking it to another level. Matthew was so chilled out and relaxed at her age. He would independently play for hours if he had to. At the age of nearly 15 months Chloe has a strong mind and knows exactly what she wants or doesn’t want. I’d like to share some day to day life occurrences with you why she’s crying…

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• She wants to be lifted up
• She dropped her dodie (on purpose)
• She wants to play with the ball but can’t reach it
• She’s messing with Matthew’s chair and table and once being moved gives out
• She wants her drink cup
• She dropped her drink cup (on purpose)
• She doesn’t want to get changed
• She doesn’t want to get dressed
• She wants down
• She can’t get the box out because it’s stuck
• She doesn’t want to eat
• Her yoghurt is not coming quick enough while I’m in the middle of opening it
• She dropped her food (on purpose)
• She can’t see the cat because blinds are closed
• She doesn’t want to go to sleep
• She rolled on her tummy
• She points at her Tsum Tsums but I’m just in the middle of something with Matthew
• The gate is locked upstairs
• Mummy or daddy gone out to the car to get something
• She wants to be pushed in the buggy and do not stop
• She gets her dinner but prefers what we eat
• She gets a taste of our dinner but doesn’t like it
• She doesn’t want me closing the door to the hall way once it’s open

I think I could continue on for the next hour or so. You get the idea. Do you reckon girls are harder or are we just unlucky?
I don’t remember Matthew ever being at the draws or similar stuff. I heard a lot of people saying to me that girls can be harder. I can’t really disagree with it but then again who knows what another girl would have been like. They’re all little characters which we love to death at the end of the day.
It certainly doesn’t help Chloe the fact that she has no teeth. She’s having a hard time which could be why she’s getting so frustrated half the time out the day.

Do you have a toddler who cries a lot?

11 thoughts on “Why my Toddler cries

  1. I don’t know about girls being harder, my son is the eldest and he was a angel baby. Hardly cried or had a tantrum. Then I had my twin girls, and they are both different! One full on one and one chilled out one! Just keep thinking it won’t be like this forever, they will grow out of it.
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  2. Evie was a bit like this too. I got so stressed about it but my friend bought me a really funny book called ‘Reasons Why My Child Is Crying’. It is hilarious and really makes you feel like you’re not alone. They do grow out of it though I promise! x

  3. I would say it is a girl thing, Emma is 6 and a half and still cries at small things when tired or under pressure. It is also a mother daughter thing, she almost never does those with her daddy around. Things get better once they can talk and you can reason with them but they never disappear completely I’m afraid.xx

  4. She probably is. She’s been teething since the age of 4 months. It would be great if she could actually develop some teeth at the age of 15 months.

  5. Finn has a tendency when he is tired to throw his dummy out the buggy and then cry when he can’t reach it. I love this stage but there is something lovely about when they can communicate in a way other than tears too

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