A trip to Berlin/Brandenburg

So on Thursday I finally went on my holidays to Germany. Couldn’t wait in fact but as much as I was looking forward to it, it passed by too quickly.

Thursday morning was an early start. It started off with getting up at 4.30am. That is one of the reasons why I didn’t sleep too well. I keep thinking about it “Don’t oversleep, don’t oversleep”. But I guess we are all like that (I hope). I arrived at Berlin Schoenefeld airport 10.10am.
Karo was already waiting with her little doggy Jackson. He is so cute by the way!

After dropping off the luggage we went for lunch in  Karo’s favourite restaurant called “Madlen”. I had a Schnitzel. Amazing food. I checked off some of the items on my list after so we did some shopping indeed. I met her mum in her work place in the bank and off we went back to the house to chill out a bit. In the evening time we did some grocery shopping and again I checked off loads of my list.

Friday we took it easy. Some breakfast first thing in the morning. Then the sightseeing in Berlin started. Even though I only used to live 2 hours away from Berlin I never managed to do sightseeing. Embarrassing really isn’t it?

TV Tower

City Hall

Neptune Fountain (Alexanderplatz)


A lot of sightseeing means hungry. So we went to “Friedrichsstrasse” to the restaurant Vapiano and had some lunch. Yummy Ravioli I had. It was delicious.

2014-08-15 14.18.37
Full of fuel again we continued our sightseeing…

DSC04854 Brandenburger Gate


DSC04861 Reichstag

We did a lot of walking that day. We ended up at Berlin main station for Dunk’n’Donut. You will see later on the map where we all went. From the main train station we took the train to a shopping centre as it was too busy in the city centre. There we left our money basically. I know we have Penneys in Ireland but I actually bought stuff in Primark over there. So much more stuff and much bigger. I finally picked up a new wallet as well. I am very happy with it.

Saturday we got ready to leave to drive to my hometown Waren and picked up a box and my bike I still had in the house.

We went for lunch there but my lunch didn’t start off nice as my Schnitzel was completely raw in the inside. So if you ever happen to go to Waren, do not go to the restaurant called “Kartoffelscheune”. We headed off to Janny’s then to have some ice cream.

2014-08-16 15.17.55
On the way back I picked up some flowers to bring to the graveyard for my mum to say hello.
Back at the neighbours house we had some tea and cake, took the bits and pieces and left again to go back to Zepernick/Brandenburg.

I didn’t want to leave Germany without eating a Doner so we had one for dinner that evening. I don’t know how that still went into my stomach but it was worth it.

It wasn’t too late in the evening so we sat down on the couch and watched a movie. Karo has 4 cats. They are very cute. 2 were cuddling me that evening.

Sunday was not the nicest weather so we decided to stay in and relax with a DVD and some muffin baking. It was time for me to leave at 6.30pm. Karo dropped me off at the next train station and I went off to the airport then. I landed in Dublin again at 23.20pm.

So here is Berlin’s train map. We went to a few places didn’t we?


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