Afternoon Tea in Killashee House Hotel

Last weekend my friend Sandra and I set off on another afternoon tea adventure. The last one was in September last year after all. God that feels like years ago. At the start of this year I published my afternoon tea bucket list.  One of the places we wanted to go to was Killashee House Hotel. And so we did.

My friend was so kind and bought me a voucher for my 30th birthday. What better present can you expect. We are afternoon tea junkies now at this stage and you might as well call us experts. Only  messing, but we do know our stuff after attending four in total to date.

On Sunday she drove all the way down from Sligo for some afternoon tea fun. I booked a table a few weeks in advanced just so we don’t have any disappointment. Killashee is only down the road from me where I live which is Naas. Afternoon Tea is served from 2pm to 4pm. As said above, it is advised to book a table in advanced. Like any afternoon tea, you have the option to go for the traditional one or the sparkle one which means you get a glass of champagne. We always go for traditional. The cost of a traditional afternoon tea is €25 per person.

The weather wasn’t the best at the weekend. It was drizzling. It just  meant we couldn’t explore the hotel gardens. We were about thirty minutes early. They directed us to the restaurant. We told them our booking and were leaded to our table, ready to get started. We were asked whether we wanted tea or coffee. Tea was the answer. The dishes were lovely China.

Shortly after they presented us with our afternoon tea tiers. I think it was very quick. I remember when we went to Kilronan Castle and we waited over an hour. As you do, we spent five minutes first to capture the whole lot on camera. I sent it onto hubby who was well jealous. He was only back from tennis then so he must have been starving.

We started from the bottom tier and made our way up to the last tier.
The bottom tier included a soft roll which was kind of like a brioche with beef in it. Then there was bread with egg mayonnaise on it, a baguette with hand carved ham and relish sauce and a wrap filled with salmon.

The second tier included a scone, a type of cake and a short bread biscuit with jam inside. We took the scone with us because I don’t think I would have made it to the top tier otherwise. On the side you got jam, butter and cream for the scone. In between the meal, we got more tea if it was required.

Last tier was the sweet tier.  Full of goodness. A raspberry flavoured macaroon, A round coconut biscuit with shortbread as the base, a profiterole filled with caramel cream, and a chocolate mousse covered with chocolate. I think my favourite one from that tier was the coconut biscuit. I am not a big fan of caramel in general. The chocolate mousse was nice too but very rich.

Overall we were really impressed with the experience. If I had to give  a score between one and ten, I would go for nine. I would definitely recommend it to other people.

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