Chloe is 2 weeks old



Another week has passed. Chloe is now 2 weeks old.

This week we have been out to register her in the office. So she is now official and has her own birth cert.

The public health nurse has been on Tuesday and she is still at her last weigh in that she was the week before that which was 3.3kg. I’d say she is only starting to put on weight now. So hopefully in 2 days she is back up at her birth weight.

The feeding has stayed the same. She is mostly taking 80ml now. So maybe in a week or so I might increase the amount of milk by another 30ml and she has the opportunity to get more out then if she wants to.

On Friday she had her first bath at home. It went pretty well. She loved it. Not one scream out of her like her big brother.

Daddy had her first night with Chloe last night and I slept with Matthew. I can definitely confirm now that bed time for us is anytime between 3am and 7am.

Daddy is going back to work tomorrow and also is going to be away for the night. This is a trial for me to see how I am getting on with the 2 kids at night because Matthew can wake at night most nights wanting to sleep with us. Let’s see how he takes to sleeping in the same room with Chloe when she cries. I hope it won’t bother him too much. I have also been sleeping with the light on with Chloe as she doesn’t seem to settle with it off.

I have been going for daily walks with her now that the weather is allowing it. Matthew loves going around on his bike following us at weekends.

My next update won’t be happening until she is 4 weeks old now.

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