Chloe is 11 months


I hope everyone enjoyed the start into their new year 2016. I’ll be honest I didn’t even make it until midnight. I just about made it to 11pm to celebrate German New Year. I was woken up by the fireworks around and that was it. Goes to show, I am getting old. This was probably the first time ever in 28 years (apart from the times I was too young to stay up late) that I went to before midnight.

Something else happened while we entered the new year. My little lady turned 11 months old. She is 1 month away from her first birthday. Complete madness. I remember the days well this time last year struggling the last few weeks with tiredness and exhaustion. But here is her update for this month.

Height/ Weight: She hasn’t had any check ups done lately so I am not aware of what weight or length she is but I’d say she is more than likely around the 11kg mark at this stage. Height wise I think she is average. She is not a tall girl anyway if I look at the clothes she is wearing daily.

Sizes: Her clothes pretty much stayed the same as in the last update. She is comfortable in top and leggings sizes 9-12 months with the top sleeve rolled up a bit. Sleepsuits I just moved her into 9-12 months. The winter jacket she has, is getting a bit tight though which means I must go and and invest in a new one in size 12-18 months.

Bedtime: Lately she falls asleep on the bottle less and less. Then again she was off half of December with the crèche being closed for 2 weeks so her routine is slightly off as I let her sleep in every morning if she wants to. We don’t have to be anywhere or go anywhere, so why not. On top of that it looks to be that she is teething a lot lately. For example she skipped her nap this afternoon and I thought she might be easy to put down tonight then. Not a chance… her evening bottle turned to be a night time and she struggled with it. It meant I had to put her down awake. Thankfully she was asleep in minutes. She can have some nights where we could be in 10 times but other nights can be busy where you only go in once or two times.

Feeding: It’s going okish. She does try quite a lot of finger food. She is able to eat crackers, liga, donut,potato waffles and finger foods from Organix. Because she can eat all that, I don’t understand, why she is still gagging on like a very soft carrot or spaghetti. She doesn’t seem to be able to chew that sort of stuff yet. Maybe somebody else can shed some light on it as I am trying to move her away from puree food.

What else has happened the last month:

– Talking a lot lately with mam mam mam and da da da included
– not able to crawl yet
– can’t stand on feet yet either
– Trying to bum her way forward but she doesn’t get the idea of having her hands down on the floor at the same time which means she ends up falling forward
– able to push herself around on her tummy backwards
– Loves her new teddy she got for Christmas
– Obsessed pulling up the rug in the living room which is too funny because Matthew goes and sits on it then so she can’t do it
– Loves cat Bailey, she always gets really excited when he is around
– Loves playing “Peek-A-Boo”

And the month in pictures

2015-12-05 17.46.29



18 thoughts on “Chloe is 11 months

  1. I might try something different everyday now. The problem is I don’t get time to cook because of working full-time. x

  2. What a cutie pie! I can’t even remember my little girl being this age, it goes really quickly! In terms of foods for her, Abbie didn’t eat proper solids until after she was 1, she would have baked beans and some finger foods but it just didn’t interest her. I introduced fruit to her and then pasta, they are all easy to eat and she can pick them up fine 🙂 Its all about trial and error, but don’t worry too much, she will do it all in good time! x

  3. No idea what to suggest in regards to food, my girl just seemed to hoover all food up (and still does!). I have all this to look forward to again. Henry is four months but not ready for purees yet. I want to try and hold our and go straight to blw.

    She looks super cute bless her, how exciting she is almost one – big milestone for her (and you!) xxx
    Kay recently posted…Henry at Four Months OldMy Profile

  4. Don’t worry to much on the weaning front. Our little boy was exactly the same. He wouldn’t anything like spaghetti until he was around 14 months, I think half of his refusal was due to teething.

    Gorgeous pictures.

    Laura x

  5. Ok so must be just a case every child is different. Hopefully she will get it soon.

  6. My eldest took forever to do the transition from puree to real food. She never really got on with carrot and heaved quite often. when you are shopping around be constantly looking for different things to try her with. We used to peel an apple and half cook it so it was softer than normal then let ours chew on it.

  7. I tried her with pasta last night. It’s a bit messy but she managed. So maybe I just skip the carrot and try other veg.

  8. Aw the updates always come around so quickly, not long until she’s 1! Exciting. Amelia used to get so excited by the dog and cat at this age too! Happy New Year! x

  9. That could be it you know. I would be just afraid she chokes on it. She doesn’t seem to chew.
    She got up all her food twice before because of it.

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