Project Garden #Blogtober17

Day six prompt for the Blogtober challenge is Flowers. I could associated a lot with flowers but because I don’t have any flowers in my own home (Everything in the house I am growing is dying), the only other thing that came into my mind was the garden. The garden has been on my list since the beginning of the year. First we consulted a gardener to give us ideas what we could do with it. Then I decided I do my own bits and pieces until I get stuck and actually need a gardener to do the rest.

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DIY IKEA Storage Unit Seating


Over the last few weeks I have been busy decorating the kids playroom. It’s still in working progress because I haven’t painted the walls yet. Hubby said it can wait until the new year which is fair enough. We have enough to be doing to the run to Christmas anyway. What I did want to do though was to create a little seating area for the kids.

We installed a TV a few weeks back for them. I decided to buy a white Samsung which goes lovely with the room. All the walls in the house are a light grey and the tiles are a darker grey.  I wish the existing storage units we had were white because they would go better in the room but because our old house was all wood, so were the storage units. To keep the trend going, I picked up another storage unit from IKEA the other day.  Compared to the from Argos we had, this one was so much easier to build and it’s so light.

The IKEA storage unit fits right in the middle of the two other ones underneath the window. Then I had a look online for seating. Most of them were too long, too short or cost a fortune. I took to Pinterest, as you do when it comes to DIY.  I found this handy tutorial from Mommy Vignette.. Exactly what I was looking for and simple enough to do for anyone. The only thing I didn’t do was to put a board between foam and storage unit but that’s entirely up to everyone. She secured it with a few screws but I’ve done it a bit different.


First of all I went online and bought customised foam from It’s a very handy website. You can input the length, width and depth and use many different shapes and thickness. Next I was browsing for decent looking fabrics that will go well in the play room. The storage boxes underneath are a king of turquoise colour so I went with the same colour for the fabric. I found my material on They have lots of different designs.

I went off to B&Q at the weekend to pick up a staple gun which was only €5 and double sided sticky tape. Yesterday evening I was busy cutting the fabric to the size I want, stapling it to the foam and sticking the tape around on top of the staples. My original plan was to just lay the new seating on top of the bench but because it’s foam, the staple at the bottom of it will come out of easily which is not safe with the kids around. With the double sided sticky tape it will hold it in place and won’t move around at all.

Once done with that, I could stick it onto the top of the IKEA storage unit. It’s very sticky so there is no way it is ever going to move. I am very happy with my DIY project I have to say. The only thing we are missing now, are a few cushions to make it super cosy for the kids.


What do you think, would this be something you would try out?

DIY Photo Shooting for Christmas

While they are little we want to capture their firsts with lots of photos. They are only small for such a short amount of time. I am snapping away at everything, daily, hourly. Everyone following me on Instagram must be sick of me posting photos sometimes minutes apart.

This Christmas will be Chloe’s first ever Christmas. I know, she will be nearly 11 months old but it’s still her first one. Anyone who read my blog post at Halloween how to create a DIY Photoshooting scene at home will enjoy this one, too.

I had this idea in mind quite some time. It was just a matter of time to find the time and actually do it. Generally during the week I never get time for these sort of things but this weekend I finally had time and could go upstairs with Chloe and shoot away with her in her cute little outfits.



It’s so simple to create a Christmas scene. All I used was some tinsel and a red blanket and then some extras to add to it or hide the sockets on the wall, for example Chloe’s Santa sick where all her presents will be stored in for Christmas Day.


In this photo she is wearing her Christmas jumper from next of course. The snowman nose lights up which is so cute. Her leggings I bought in Mothercare. They have little sparkles on them. The sack I picked up for a deal on Groupon.


Her big brother Matthew joined in for some photos too. Meant I have some proper photos of the two of them in their lovely jumpers. The story behind Matthew’s Christmas jumper is actually funny. He’s seen Chloe’s jumper when I bought it and I showed him that the nose lights up. Anyway, he really wanted one too. So off I went to Next and luckily they had one for boys in his size too with a light up nose. He will be wearing this on Friday in crèche when Santa is coming. By the way, can I just mention, it is so much easier to do photos with a 10 months old than it is with a 3 years that constantly moves out of the picture and can’t sit still.


My little lady is hoping to be on the nice list this year. I mean how can she not be on the nice list with such a cute little chubby squishy face? I picked up this bodysuit from Mothercare.



She was a big fan of ripping the wrapping paper. It was an actual present she will get for Christmas but I don’t mind because she doesn’t understand the concept of Christmas yet anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this little festive post and I gave you some ideas for maybe doing your own little DIY studio in the house this Christmas rather than spending lots of money to get photos done. I would love to know in the comments below what you think of the photos. Did they make you feel a little more festive? I mean it is just 12 days left until Christmas Eve.


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