Christmas Gift Guide for Infants

Xmas Presents For Infants

I have started the Christmas present shopping about a week ago and I am happy to say that I am nearly finished. The hardest bit really was to  make the list and to decide what the kids actually need and is not a waste of money. Chloe’s presents were the easiest things to pick for some reason. I still have to decide on Matthew’s one. If you are still struggling to find the right present for your baby, take a lot at the compiled list below and something might interest you.

.1. Elephant Busy Ball Popper

The power of air pushes the balls up out of the elephants trunk.The trunk is adjustable and grows with the child. It can be pushed any way for your child’s age. It has an easy push-button activation and comes with 5 colourful balls and 10 different tunes.This toy is suitable from 9 months and is currently on sale in Argos for £19.99 (€29.49)

2. Push ‘n’ Go Crab

The push and go crab walks sideways just like a real crab encouraging you baby to start crawling. It plays 3 tunes when moving. If Chloe doesn’t crawl by Christmas, then hopefully this toy will get her going. Available in Mothercare for €12.49.

3. Stacking Cups

A classic baby toy. Stacking cups is something that got Matthew crawling. Fingers crossed Chloe will be the same. But they will all crawl eventually. Baby develops hand and eye coordination with these and it is fun to play with these colourful cups. We have a few stacking cups lying around but Matthew played with them so much that some of them got lost and they don’t stack up properly any more. Available in Mothercare for €5.95

4. Baby Piano

Chloe has been loving playing with the Little Tikes drum set since she is able to sit up. So I thought this baby piano is great for her to make music and mix it up a bit. Open the little piano’s mouth to hear it sing. Sing along with baby. It has wheels at the bottom as well as the piano buttons. Available in Mothercare for €12.95

5. Playgro Bath Fun Play Pack

We always need new toys for the bath. Matthew is having a bath every 2-3 days. He has a lot of Thomas related ones and duckies. Chloe has not been in the big bath yet. She has been getting a bath in the kitchen in her own bath. But this will be gone in the next couple of day and she will be having a bath with her big brother. This batch pack has 8 stacking cups, 5 bath time squirties, a bath duck and a bath book. It also comes with a bath net to store all these. Available in Smyths Toystore for €14.99

6. Fisher-Price Twist & Spin Suction Toy

After your little one has finished his/her meal, this is great to keep them occupied in the high chair a bit longer while you are cleaning up the kitchen. Fun rattle sounds for babies from 3 months. Available in Smyths Toystore for €9.99.

7. Cup Cake My First Doll – Ava

Being a girl Chloe is handed down a lot of boys toys from Matthew which is trains, cars, helicopters etc. As a girl when I was young I played with cars myself but also had my own Baby Born and barbies. Of course Chloe is yet too young for that but I wanted her to have her first little doll. This one is the perfect doll to carry out and you can take off her clothes and put them on again. She has a soft buddy to cuddle and is suitable from 18 months old. Available in Mothercare for €13.95

What’s on your little ones Christmas Gift Guide this year?