7 Things to Do on a Long-Haul Flight

This time next week I am off to Dublin airport to get on a long flight to New York. To mention that I am overly excited is an understatement. My bestie is meeting me over there because she is flying from Germany. We decided it’s easier and cheaper that everyone makes their own way to New York first rather than flying to London, meet there and then fly to New York. It will save us a lot of time.
My flight is going to be roughly around 7h 30mins. A long flight where you need to keep yourself busy. There is a 5 hours time difference between New York and Ireland which will mean I land midnight Irish time. It could be worse but it means we can kind of get into the time change by going to bed around 9pm New York time and catch up.

1. Adult Colouring Book


This seems to be the new trend at the moment. It’s not just for our kids to have fun, us adults colouring in is the future. Mainly this is for de-stressing and relaxing. I didn’t give it a go just yet but I certainly love colouring in my son’s Paw Patrol and Monster Inc. colouring books. Hubby got a little colouring book from the Tiger shop for his Kris Kindle last year so I am going to try that out.

2. Music


A few weeks ago hubby picked up a new iPod Nano because he thought he lost the one I bought him. But typically after you looked for it so long, it turned up after the order which means I now have a new iPod nano that I can take on my trip or when the picks up and I can go for walks in the evening. I just need to fill it with lots of music.

3. Games


Games are a great way of passing the time. I only have one game on my phone really which is Candy Crush Soda. I am thinking of taking my Nintendo 3DS with me. I haven’t played it in so long that I actually get time on the plane and finish my games like Animal Crossing.

4. Sky Shopping

sky shopping

This one doesn’t last long browsing through the Sky shopping magazine and thinking about the things you could buy but everyone is allowed to do a bit of “Window Shopping” and imagine what lovely things you could buy.

5. Web Browsing


Most long distance flights now offer a Wifi, generally at a price and not free of charge but if you still want the luxury then why not catch up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram while on the plane. Very handy to keep in touch with your loved ones via Whatsapp too. I am trying to get more into comping lately which can be hard with 2 smallies but this might be my perfect opportunity to enter loads.

6. In Flight Entertainment


I have been to New York twice before so know what the In Flight entertainment is like. There are so many options. You can watch the most recent movies, or TV series, listen to the radio or simply play some games on board. I watched 2 movies last time which passed the time quite quickly.

7. Sleep


Most important thing when you have a very early or very late flight or an even overnight flight… SLEEP! As a parent the most wanted thing you are longing for. Not exactly comfortable on an airplane unfortunately. I generally don’t get much sleep because you are sitting up and it is so hard to find a good position to sleep in but I suppose you can try and take naps.

Are you heading off anywhere nice this year?

9 thoughts on “7 Things to Do on a Long-Haul Flight

  1. Great ideas we going on a long haul flight in November (6 hours) we taking Blake who will be 22 months so need to find things to keep him occupied as well. Hope u have a lovely time in new york

  2. My sister lives in the US so I usually get to visit once a year. The flight by myself is amazing! I mostly watch films and sleep – and eat my food whilst its warm haha. I’m going again in April and am really excited x

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