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So recently I was tagged by the lovely Beth who blogs over on A Blonde and a Baby. If you are on Instagram you might have seen this tag going around quite a lot lately. It’s called #20factsaboutme. I am sharing so many things with you every day but I have never shared anything about me really. You may have seen the odd introduction that you get on every social media platform but that’s about it. In this post I will give you twenty facts about me. And here it goes…

  1. Despite everyone telling how much of an Irish accent I have, I am actually from Germany and moved to Ireland in 2006.
  2. I came to Ireland to work as an Au Pair and did not intend to stay.
  3. English and Geography were my favourite subjects in school.
  4. I grew up with cats. My grandparents and mum always had cats. I could never live in a house without a cat.
  5. Since the age of 15 I have been obsessed with a boyband called Westlife until they broke up a few years ago. I went to a gazillion concerts, met them, the whole lot. Great memories though.
  6. I only passed my theory test the fourth time and my driving test the third time.
  7. My first car was a Fiat Brava.
  8. As a child I learnt to play keyboard and performed at concerts around Christmas time.
  9. I am the only child and never knew my dad.
  10. I have a really bad habit… I am biting my nails.
  11. I smoked for a number of years.
  12. I repeated one class in secondary school before graduating.
  13. At the age of five I rode an elephant in our market yard in town.
  14. My first ever job was in Ireland.
  15. I always wanted to work in a  hotel and hated office jobs. Now I am working as a customer support executive the last eight years and love my job.
  16. I love creating little projects for myself, even if it’s putting something together or doing up a room. DIY is my thing.
  17. Hubby and I met on the streets of Sligo complete random as I was toddling home from a night club because I had too much drink on me. (The gentleman he is, he brought me home of course)
  18. It’s like destiny but his family love Germany and one of his brothers actually lives in Germany and is married to a German girl.
  19. I never broke or sprained a bone in my life.
  20. I have a tattoo on my ankle that says “Gra” which is Irish and means “Love”. Beside it is a shamrock. I never told my mum about it until we went on a summer holiday together where it would have been obvious to see.

If you wish to take part in the tag, you are more than welcome to. I’d love to have a nose on your blog and find out more about you.

6 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. There are some great facts here Janine, it’s always nice to hear more about who is behind the blog! I also passed my driving test third time! x

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