Our Little Boy Goes To School

I can’t believe this time has actually come.  My little boy who once was a newborn, a toddler, a pre schooler will now enter the stage of ACTUAL school. It is just way too soon in my opinion but I am sure he is well able for it. He surprises me every day what he can actually do I never knew about.

This week, in fact on Tuesday hubby and I went to a meeting in Matthew’s soon to be school. I might have mentioned before, when we got his place confirmed, that the school is only around the corner from where we live. This is so handy. You could easily walk it but I am sure we will have hectic mornings for the first while. You could literally walk it in fifteen minutes. When Matthew is old enough he may be able to walk it himself. That will be a looong time before I let him do that though. It’s hard enough to get the whole school thing into my head.

Tuesday we had a babysitter organised so us parents could attend the meeting. It was important to us after all. Of course little Miss Chloe could sense that her parents were off somewhere. So the very first time in ages she did not want to go to sleep and cried down the house instead. I ended up putting her into my bed while hubby was already at the school. I left it up to the babysitter to get her to sleep as I was late enough already. She managed just fine. Chloe loves her so I knew it wouldn’t be a problem.

As I arrived, the meeting was over already and hubby had the welcome pack in his hand. We went down to Matthew’s soon to be teacher Sheila.  I got to meet her and she went through a few bits and pieces with us. Then we had a wander around the class room. I have to say the school is actually very modern. It’s only ten years old this year.  In his class will be 27 other kids. There are three junior infant classes. To Matthew the room will probably look like creche with all the drawings on the wall. Except for his creche friends not being there. I am not 100% if children out of his creche group are in the same class/ school as him. We will soon find out I guess.

As I went to school in Germany, this whole uniform stuff is all new to me. There are so many things you have to consider and buy, it’s crazy. Today I went on a shopping spree as Marks and Spencer has 20% off school uniforms for the next four weeks. It was the perfect opportunity to buy everything. I hate leaving things last minute and rather try to be organised. I actually made a great savings by buying the jumpers, shirts and trousers there. The only thing left to buy is the tracksuit and tie. I will buy this in a local shop. He will also need a pair of black shoes. I’ve seen Clarks also do the Stompers in black so I’d say I will more than likely do a trip there soon. The uniform colours are charcoal grey trousers, white shirt and red jumper. I can’t wait to see him in it.

Matthew’s first two weeks will end at 12pm and from then onwards it will be 1.30pm. It’s going to open up a whole new world because from 31st August I will have to pack him a lunch box.  He will still attend creche after school but the school’s lunch time is before his day is finished so he would need to eat something before he goes to creche.

We are very much looking forward to see how his first day will go. I will definitely be there dropping him in… and maybe also collecting him before we get into the routine of creche collecting him.

8 thoughts on “Our Little Boy Goes To School

  1. I keep thinking it’s the big school but it’s junior infants after all. It will still be like creche to him, just wearing a uniform. x

  2. At 4? Wow that’s very young indeed. Matthew will have just turned 5 3 days before he goes to school. He would have not been mature enough to go at 4 plus, he wouldn’t have been allowed to go. xx

  3. I can definitely relate to this as Sophie starts school in September too. In some ways I think she’s ready and she will love it but then I also think she’s still so little and I worry how she will cope! It makes me emotional just thinking about it, I’m so not ready! x
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