Curd Balls aka. Mutzen for the festive season


Today I would like to share a traditional German recipe with you. Something that is very popular to eat at all Christmas markets in Germany at this time of the year. I love these.


– 500g Quark (available in any Polish shop called “Twarog”)
– 5 eggs
– 8 tbsp of sugar
– 2 pkts of vanilla sugar
– 500g flour
– 1 pkt of baking powder
– icing sugar to sprinkle over them

How to prepare

– Stir the Quark, eggs, vanilla sugar and sugar into a cream
– Mix flour and baking powder and mix them together with the other ingredients to create a smooth dough
– Heat up your deep fat fryer
– when the oil reached its temperature, add them table spoon by table spoon into the fryer until they baked golden brown. Afterwards lay out kitchen paper onto a plate and take them out of the fryer. This is to remove any excess oil off them.
– Sprinkle with icing sugar

This will make about 40 Mutzen. Enjoy, they are addictive just to warn you.



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