5 Pumpkin Carving Templates

With just 18 days left to Halloween you need to plan on what to carve into your pumpkins yourself or with the kids soon. Not just carving is an option, you can also simply paint your pumpkin which saves you a lot of time not to scrape it all out. This is something I did 2 Halloweens ago.

At the weekend I did my weekly shopping in Lidl as I do every week and picked up 2 cute pumpkins. One for Matthew and one for Chloe. Obviously Chloe won’t be able to decorate it herself so I will make her pumpkin pretty. Matthew is already pumpkin obsessed, thanks to reading a story about pumpkins every evening. At least that way he understands pumpkin season is Halloween basically.

I compiled a list together for you of 5 of my favourite carving stencils/patterns including some I used over the last few Halloweens. (These are in no particular order)

1 Happy Jack “The Nightmare before Christmas”

2014-10-29 20.53.50-1

The original happy Jack from “The Nightmare before Christmas”. Simple and classic and always likes to be seen on several pumpkins. This template can be downloaded here.

2. Boo


This might be quite hard to do if you are a carving beginner. I have done this pattern before. To give you a simple solution to this, rather than cutting it out, you can also use a drill and have the ‘boo’ representing in holes instead of above picture. You can download the template here.

3. Olaf Pumpkin


For all our little Frozen fans out there. Why not create Olaf the snowman as a pumpkin. You just need 3 pumpkins but in the end it’s going to look amazing, don’t you agree? This awesome stencil can be downloaded here.

4. Jack O’Totem


I’ve loved doing this one a few years ago. In the actual tutorial it is recommended to use black craft ribbon and hot glue but I just simply used black and white paint and it looked as good. You will find the instructions here in case you want to make the proper ones.

5. Black cat


A simple black cat you can’t miss on Halloween. The mascot for the witch. You are able to download it here.

Don’t forget your tealights! I always use the battery operated one. Main reason is because it is always quite windy at Halloween and it blows out the real candles.

Which ones are your favourite carving templates? Maybe you like to carve something completely different or even enter carving competitions to win a prize in your local town. I’d love to know.

As part of this post I thought it would be fun to run my first Linky.

If you have any Halloween related posts scheduled or written in the past, please link them up. I’d love to read them.

The rules are:

– 2 blog posts per person
– Comment on the hosts post and at least 2 other blog posts
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– Feel free to tweet me your link and I will retweet it
– The linky will run every Tuesday and closes Monday 6pm. I will be running this linky for 3 weeks just up to a few days after Halloween.

Have fun everyone!

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15 thoughts on “5 Pumpkin Carving Templates

  1. You need to do it every year now. It is great fun. I bought 2 pumpkins already but I haven’t dont anything with them yet.

  2. Yeah I loved the ones you did. I never even though of cookie cutters. I always do it with a knife.

  3. Really? Ah you have to do it this Halloween. It’s great. I have done it previously when I didn’t have children too.

  4. I carved pumpkins for the first time yesterday and I used cookie cutters and the pumpkin carving kit from Aldi to get them done – it was great. These are lovely ideas, I especially love the cat one.

  5. Hi Stephanie. I see it is showing up on your post but it is massive. I have reduced the size of it now so it should be as small as it is on my post. Sorry about that. Lovely post by the way. Thanks a mill.

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