Milton Steriliser Kit Review + Giveaway

Hygiene is an important fact but it is even more important when you have small children or even babies. When I had my first child I was over careful when it came to germs and things flying around. I remember the afternoon like it was only yesterday when I brought Matthew home from the hospital. My cats were inside a lot at the time because he was born late August and it was really warm. (It was pretty hot for a country like Ireland at the time) We had the moses basket ready to go in the living room. We still had leather couches back then and as soon as I was in the door, I was away cleaning to make sure my baby boy wouldn’t pick up anything. Completely silly, I know.

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Orchard Toys – Cheeky Monkeys Review

Anyone who has been reading blog for quite some time might know that we are the official game tester for Orchard Toys. Every game we played and tried out is a big hit and we still play with the vast majority of games still. The game we have recently received is not difference.

Orchards Toys have recently launched a new set of educational games. We were invited to try out one of them as Matthew was falling into the age bracket. As he is starting school this coming September, pretty much every educational toy/ game is welcome in our house as long as it helps him along in school. Learn through play and that is the easiest way they can learn. It’s amazing how they can pick up things so quickly through it.

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My NameTags Review + Giveaway

When your children start to attend nursery, play school, creche or school, it can be hard to keep their bits and pieces together. Some children may have the same bag, others may have the same coat. The minders are trying their best to keep each children’s stuff together but sometimes you might need to label it. I had a situation where Chloe had the same pair of shoes as two other girls. Now luckily she grew out of them and I bought a complete different pair then but it can happen again.

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