6 things for kids entertainment at your Wedding

Hubby and me have been engaged now for over 3 years. Having 2 children now I think it is about time to get married. At the moment I am doing the planning for a possible wedding next summer. Exciting times.


I don’t have many friends that have children, In fact there’s only one friend who will come with one but on hubby’s side there’s so many kids at different ages. Children can get bored easily if they aren’t entertained to keep the children. I know the kids go to bed at some point but 3/4 hours of fun is needed depending on their age.

That got me thinking what could they do in this time so they don’t get bored? Here’s my list

Lucky enough the place we have picked has its own room for the kids while the parents have dinner.

1. Old Fashion entertainment Bring some colouring books and board games for the older kids.This will keep them going for a while.

2. Magic Show & Co Hire someone to do a magic show, a clown or someone who creates funny balloons. That depends on your budget of the wedding of course.

3. Kids Photo Booth Have funny pictures taken with dress up. Include funny hats, bows, dresses etc. MeboPhoto-Luke-Rosemarie-Wedding-Photobooth-110


4. Movies Make a list of their favourite movies beforehand and let it play in the background if a TV is available.

5. Goody Bags Kids love goodie bags with treats and little toys in it. Why not create a few and put them on their seat when they arrive at the reception. Include things like sweets, mini jigsaws, bubbles, small toys and a drink. I know Smyths Toystore has a lot of this stuff to fill a goody bag. preview_wedding-party-bag-with-gifts


6. The babysitter And last one on the list have one or 2 people minding the kids. Someone professional. Hire someone from a wedding babysitting website service or maybe people from the kids nursery are offering their service. How did you entertain the children at your wedding? Did you even have them at the reception?

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4 thoughts on “6 things for kids entertainment at your Wedding

  1. What a great idea to entertain he kids so they don’t run ragged and get bored as they almost always do. I wish we could have had a little photo booth for the kids to play around with and activities. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  2. Yeah its easier when you have no kids but there’s just too many now lol

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