8 Things to Do in Strandhill

I am spending a lot of time in Strandhill lately. Mainly because the weather is so nice and also it’s only a 10 minute drive down the road from us.

To anyone who doesn’t know Strandhill but would love to come and visit one day, or people who live nearby and want to go on a road trip and have Strandhill as one destination I have compiled a list of things you can do in Strandhill.

Book a Seaweed Bath 

Credit: Go Strandhill

VOYA’s seaweed bath is located right beside the beach. You will have to book in advanced because placed book up quote quickly. I’ve done this experience with my bestie in 2014 when I was pregnant. You get to choose different rooms. We had 2 baths and one steam shower. Due to being pregnant I wasn’t allowed to use the steam shower though but the seaweed bath was a nice experience. After that you could go for a massage in the next room.

Go Surfing

Credit: Go Strandhill

Why not dive into the Atlantic Ocean and learn how to surf. I know you want to. Up until this point I still haven’t managed to take a surf lesson. Maybe next time Karo is over we will take the plunge and try it out. There are many different surf schools you can try.

Have Lunch 

2014-05-24 21.40.32One of my favourite cafe’s to eat in is Shells. The breakfast as well as the lunch is absolutely delicious. I can guarantee, you will find a meal that you will love. My favourite one is the chicken sandwich. You have to try the bread. It’s homemade and so fresh. Very different to any other bread that is used to create a sandwich.

Go For a Walk On The Beach 

20160530_132130Only today I actually realised how long it will take you to walk along the beach. I turned around at some stage so you can go a lot further than I went but I spent about 30 mins  walking just to give you an idea. Just one advice to parents with buggies… the beach can only be accessed now by walking on the stones.years ago you used to be able to go down a hill but due to the tides changing this is how it ended up for now.

Have Ice Cream


Mammy Johnston’s has the bed ice cream and crepes. Very usual but yet tasty flavours. Matthew and I went for ice cream a few weeks ago and I had blue surf with marshmallows in it. They also do Oreo, Kinder Bueno etc. Over the last few days they’ve done up the place so it’s definitely worth a visit.

Go For a Drink

2013-09-23 11.32.23
Credit: The Strand Bar

The Strand Bar is your place to have a drink or two. It might look small from the outside but it’s very spacious in the inside. A little tip… their lunch and specials are amazing too. Hubby and I are generally there once a week during our lunch hour. I also love spending time there when the Euro Cup is on.  It has a great atmosphere and their pizzas are very tasty in the evening time. It passes the time during the 90 mins football match.

Buy Local

Credit: Garyreddin.com

Every Sunday the Strandhill People’s Market takes place between 11am and 4pm. It’s located in the old Sligo airport. You can buy local crafts, textiles, foods or just simply browse and have a tea or coffee on the go.

Climb a Mountain

2016-01-24 15.20.04

2 minutes outside Strandhill across from Strandhill’s petrol station lies the mountain Knocknarea  overlooking the village. A new path was created to walk up to the very top. I would advice to bring either running or hiking shoes. We’ve done the walk half way at the beginning of this year but the weather wasn’t the best unfortunately.

That’s your upcoming bank holiday weekend sorted so, as the weather is promised to be nice all the way through the June bank holiday.

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  1. Definitely. I’ve never done camping actually but there is a camp site in Strandhill too x

  2. It’s quite relaxing when you had the steam shower first and then go into the bath. x

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