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Welcome back to the last instalment of my Trabolgan Holiday Village experience from last week.I hope you will enjoy this one as much as you did the last two and hopefully it will give you an idea of the place whether it’s for you or not.

On this last post I will talk about the facilities and activities you are able to do in the village. We haven’t done all of it because some stuff is only for older kids and I wasn’t into it really because the weather wasn’t on our side most of the time. Even when it was sunny, it was extremely windy and wet so things like go karting, trampoline or zip wire we couldn’t do. There was even a mini trampoline for small kids like Matthew’s age. We weren’t able to review these but at least you know these actitvities are available to you, now that I mentioned them.

The Cove


This place is located in the main centre with the fast food shop, play centre and Costa Coffee. All the entertainment for the kids and adults are happening here. Thursday morning at 11am we watched Fireman Sam on stage because recently Matthew developed a liking for him and Bob the Builder. He absolutely loved it but yet he was too scared or shy to go up and have a picture taken with him. In the evening time there is disco and bingo for the grown ups. We didn’t go to either of them.

Florries Den

2016-04-08 10.18.19

A play centre located beside the fast food area. On our last day, Matthew spent a lot of time in there and tired himself out. They have a section to watch a movie, read books or do jigsaws. Around the corner then they have the soft play area with a big ball bit and 2 slides. It’s done up really well and it’s hidden so well that you wouldn’t think something like that could fit into the building.



The Arcade Center



A facility where we probably spent most our time and spent all our money. It can get very addictive these games because I love these kind of things in general. Once the kids were in bed hubby went off and played some more and when he came back, I went off for a little while and went games crazy. Matthew was doing really good  in one game. All you had to do is direct the ball with a wheel and you could win up to 500 tickets. He won 500 tickets first time and he was so proud. Another game he really loved playing was “Smash the Minions”. Hubby was loving it too especially trying to beat the highscore. I tried it myself and it was actually really hard, being fast but yet hit them hard enough to score a point.
Right beside the pub they had another arcade center which was a bit smaller but it had 2 bowling alleys, pool table, a few other games and the prize shop where you can change your tickets for a prize.



2016-04-07 17.22.30

2016-04-07 17.32.58

Crazy Golf


I have always been a fan of mini golf. Since I was very small (maybe about 5 or 6 years of age ) my mum and I took every mini golf grounds with us. It’s great. Matthew is only 3 1/2 years of age so doesn’t quite get yet how to hold the club  but for the first time playing he did really well. Trabolgan has a 9 hole crazy golf on site. The clubs you are able to pick up in the Day Today shop in the main centre. The golf balls you can get in the little club house beside the Crazy Golf where they also do arts and crafts.



Bird of Prey Centre

The Bird of Prey Educational Centre is located beside the golf course. It gives you the opportunity to see the largest and the smallest owl as well as snakes, mice and other small creatures. At the end of your viewing you are able to take a special souvenir with you… a photo with the big owl. Trabolgan has a special offer which gives you the chance to purchase a ticket once and you can go an visit as many times as you want during your stay. This is very handy because sometimes they have different birds. You receive a golden wristband to indicate you are entitled to these unlimited visits.

2016-04-07 16.36.27

Another building in the main centre part of the village is the swimming pool “Wave”. We didn’t get to go there either. If you want to read up on it you can do so if you follow this link.

What did we think about the facilities?:

• Ireland’s weather can be a hit and miss as we all know. If you are lucky enough and get good weather there is definitely a lot to do to keep you occupied.
• The Crazy Golf as stated on the website was refurbished. Yet some holes didn’t have the water in it like it was supposed to have
• The play centre was brilliant. They could do with replacing the balls in the ball pit though.
• The Birds of Prey centre is great for teaching your little ones about the different birds and reptiles.

Thanks for reading guys and I hope you enjoyed this instalment.

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  1. I don’t think I would be able to get Sebby off that Lightening McQueen car – looks like a fab place to stay with kids

  2. Looks like there is so much to do here. My son loves play whack attack if we go to the seaside. Love crazy golf too. There is definitely something here for all ages.

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