A day in Dublin

Hi all.
It’s me again. 🙂

I went to Liffey Valley shopping Centre in in Dublin with Dermot yesterday. It was planned to leave at 10 am the latest but as usual we didn’t leave until 11.30am. Lol weekends are the only days where you can sleep in. So there is the excuse. 😉
Anyways… Got there at 2pm.

I didn’t buy much. I planned to buy new tops and jeans but I couldn’t find any good ones. The only thing I bought are my red converse and I love them a lot. 🙂 (L) other than that my boyfriend got me a Bluetooth handsfree set for my car

We had lunch in O’briens then. I had yummy sandwich. The sandwiches are great there. You should try them sometime.

We went home at about 5pm and arrived home at 7.20pm just in time for X factor.

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