A New Chapter: Moving House

So some of you may have noticed that I have gone quiet on the blogging front.  I managed to get into a blogging pattern to post daily which was nice. Then the house move got in the way.

I have been off work since last week. Monday came and we started to pack all belongings into moving boxes. Some job. When people say it is the most stressful time after death, I believe them. There was no end to it. We basically packed 8 hours a day and more from Monday to lunch time Friday. I had bought a pack of 15 boxes thinking that would be enough. How wrong was I. On day three I had to go off and buy another 15 boxes in Argos. Thank god I did because apart from two small ones we used them all.


You wouldn’t believe how much  crap you end up with. Apart from stuff on the ground floor and upstairs, we also had the attic to sort out. That was basically a floor on its own. Some stuff I didn’t even know I still have. They say once you put it in the attic to store, you will never use it again so most of it either went to charity or to the dump. I think hubby must have taken at least ten trips to the dump and charity shop. We could have hired a skip I suppose but it’s nicer to give some stuff away to charity than just dumping it when it can be of use to other people.

The kids were dropped off to creche early in the morning everyday so we could get as much stuff done as possible. I am not going to lie, I am sick of folding and taping boxes now at this stage. Never mind opening the boxes now which is still not done.

It was Friday morning and the movers came all the way from Dublin to move all our stuff into the truck. I couldn’t believe that they could fit all that especially with the super king size bed we have. But they were able to take it all apart and put it in parts into the truck. Amazing to watch to be honest. It was all done within two hours. At the same time I had to make sure that I cleared all the stuff off the kitchen counter table, load the remaining bits into my car and have the two cats loaded into my car.


12pm on the button I left the house with the cats. There were not too happy being in the cat carriers but they were really good the whole journey down which was 2 1/2 hours. Quiet as a mouse. I gave hubby the tough task. He went down with the two kids in the back. But he had to close the deal between the old and the new house after 12pm and someone had to drive on the movers to show them where all the stuff goes. This was the best solution for us. I had a pitstop at a petrol station to grab a sandwich and a drink before heading to our new home in Naas, Co. Kildare.

I was going to take my time but I am glad I didn’t because the minute I drove into the estate, the movers were already there considering they can only drive 80 km/h they were really quick. They drove into an estate beside the one we live in so I guided them to the new house. Every thing was back in the new house within 1 1/2 hours.  We do have a bit of a disaster, so don’t think it all went smooth. Our long couch does not fit into the living room. Right now it is sitting in the dining room. It looks cool too there but has no purpose in that room to be honest. We’ll have to find a way to get it into the living room eventually. We mind end up taking it apart if that is even possible.

In between the moving, I was also greeted by the director of Capital Homes Michelle.  She congratulated me on the new house purchase and I was presented with a lovely hamper. She also handed me over the keys to the house. I was shown a few bits and pieces around the house to make sure I know how everything works like the underfloor heating, the hot water and the radiators upstairs. When the movers were finished, I went off and bought us all a well deserved McDonalds. This was ready before hubby and the kids arrived.

You can probably imagine that the kids went to bed a bit later than normal with all the excitement. Matthew is definitely a big fan of the new house He loves all the space he can play in and plays hide and seek with his little sister. So far so good I would say. When the kids were finally in bed, we celebrated with a glass of champagne…on the new house that is, maybe also because we had a bit of us time too when they were finally in their beds. 

On Saturday we had our first ever meal in the new house. I made Chicken Korma, one of hubby’s favourite meals. It took me a bit of time because I never used an induction hob before. But I definitely love the way it heats up so much quicker than an electric hob. If it wasn’t for the induction hob, I would have gone for the gas hob. I have to say the best thing in the world has to be a tumble dryer though. The washing machine was never connected up so they sorted that today. First ever wash I was able to do and I used the dryer after. It’s out of this world. The last time I have used a dryer was seven years ago. You get so much washing done it’s unreal. I don’t think I ever have to use my clothing line again.

Right now we are in a place of still unpacking. As I write this, I am still surrounded by a good few boxes. The play room is a storage room at the moment. The living room is half a living room. The kitchen is probably the only place that is setup decent enough. Thank god we have enough storage now. It means I might actually invest in a slow cooker now and cook some delicious meal for my family, especially now that we are coming into the winter months. I won’t be worrying about decorating and painting the kids bedroom until every item has found its place. I am hoping to be somewhere before Christmas though. It excites me to move house because it means I can decorate the kids bedrooms from scratch. On top of that I have a play room to decorate. I love doing DIY things. It will be a big project but I already have things in mind.

If you have ever moved house, how did the kids cope? How long did it take you to settle in?

27 thoughts on “A New Chapter: Moving House

  1. Thanks Lucy. Thankfully I could take the arms of the sofa and that way we could get it in
    My fiance took care of the buying and selling part. I didn’t want to get involved. Lol xx

  2. We moved last year and it is a really stressful process. But I think I found the buying and selling more stressful. And it is amazing how much removal men can pack in a van. Sorry to hear about your sofa. Hopefully it is sorted soon and all your boxes are unpacked. Congratulations on your new home. Hugs Lucy xxxx
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  3. Thanks Charlotte. House move is alright. It depends on the amount of stuff you have that you have to box up I suppose. If you’d move after 31 years, I can imagine it will be stressful x

  4. Nope, it’s still sitting in the other room. By the looks of it, we have to sell it and by a 3 seater instead. Good job that DFS has half price sale on at the moment. I might take a peak tomorrow. x

  5. Haha that’s a lot of moving for sure. I moved loads before I met my other half but I didn’t have much to bring with me then.

  6. Thanks Alex. 🙂 I know the poor cats. Didn’t know what to make of the whole thing. I let out one of the cats today because they are normally outdoors but he hasn’t come back yet. :/ He is a bit of a freak though.
    The rooms are starting to take shapes. Once it’s all in place I will make a little house tour video. xx

  7. How exciting!!!! I’d be sick of packing too by the end of moving and it’s so surprising how much ends up in the attic. I hope you’re enjoying your new place and you’re all settling in really well. xx
    Chloe Ciliberto recently posted…3 DAYS IN FLORENCEMy Profile

  8. I hate the rest of the boxes that we need to unpack. I don’t know where to put everything haha x
    The kitchen is still a mess. It will take forever.

  9. Thanks Katy. We are nearly done. It is just a matter of picking up a few shelves to put in the remaining clothes.xx

  10. The previous house we have been in 7 years so it was hard to move out of it after living in it for so long. x

  11. They are still not in nursery full time. Tomorrow they have 2 hours there and then it’s 4 hours. It will be interesting to see but it seems that they are doing fine.Packing is overwhelming. xx

  12. Congratulations! I love your kitchen it’s so spacious! Your house sounds amazing Im especially jealous of the playroom. Luckily I’ve only ever moved once. It went well but we’ve been in our house 8 years now. I dread to think how hard it would be packing up now!

  13. I am glad the move went well and I hope you are all very happy in your new home. Your kitchen looks gorgeous and so spacious. We are moving, hopefully in the next few weeks but it keeps getting pushed back. I am dreading the packing, I started and then gave up after two boxes as I hated it that mush and it was just causing mess. I hope my little ones settle as quickly as yours have xx
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  14. I am sure it does take a few months. I was hoping to have everything done by Christmas but we’ll see. xx

  15. There is so much storage which is nice.I found it hard to store stuff in the old house.
    I am making great progress on the unpacking but I can’t wait until I can start decorating 🙂 xx

  16. Thanks Sinead. We have been in the other house 7 years and it was getting small with the kids in it. We didn’t have a play room so the living room and kitchen was the play room as it was open space.

  17. Aw so lovely Janine. Congratulations on your new home. When we moved the children were so excited. They were absolutely fine and so happy. Your new kitchen looks beautiful. So pleased for you and your family lovely. Enjoy it hope unpacking goes well, it is always nice to sort and find everything a place I find.xx

  18. Congratualtions on your new home – it looks really lovely! It must be so stressful! I’m hoping something similar will be on the cards for us in the next few years! For some crazy reason, we didn’t factor kids into our decision-making process when we bought our house ten years ago and now it’s closing in on us! I am green with envy! A play room! Fab! Good luck with the unpacking!
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