Audi vs Volkswagen

You probably remember less than a year ago I treated myself to a new car aka mammy wagon. Now that I have been driving it for nearly a year I decided to get rid of it and get a cheaper car because the value of that Audi was just too high to only drive in town.
Honestly it took me a good while to finally get over the car and purchase a new one because there was just so many things I got used and wouldn’t be able to deal with in a different car that doesn’t have it. Luckily my new car has this stuff too because Audi and Volkswagen have a kind of similarity when manufacturing it.

DSC05419 DSC05425 This was my beloved Audi Q3.
These were the features on it I used to love:


Automatic hand brake has to be the best thing ever and is idiot proof. Luckily my new car has this feature too.


Secondly the automatic wipers. I never had to turn them on ever. Depending on the amount of rain landing on the wind screen the wipers automatically turn on.


You know when you drive home in the evening and a car behind you has headlights on and you don’t see a thing. Well this mirror blends it out. Brilliant.

Overall I liked the elevation of it. The boot was big but not big enough for 2 kids to be honest. So I don’t regret it one bit I have traded it in for another car.

Let me introduce to my new car then. A Volkswagen Passat Bluemotion. I am more delighted with it. Originally I wasn’t too keen on getting a saloon car because of the change of sitting down lower than it would in an SUV but because the seats are so comfortable in this car I had no trouble.

DSC05441 DSC05442

Yes, my cat just wouldn’t move for the picture and had to be in it. He wanted to be mentioned on my blog too.

The boot in this car is massive and was the main reason I purchased it. You can hide 2 people in there it is that big. The leg room in the back is much better too.

As you can read from my positive opinions I don’t regret the purchase whatsoever. Hopefully this car will keep me going for a good few years and we will have a good few family trips in it.

What car/mammy wagon do you have to transport the kids in?

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