Chloe At 18 Months

I know, I know… I’m about 14 days behind with this post but with all the packing and preparation for our holiday 2 weeks ago, I didn’t get a chance to write a detailed post about Chloe’s milestone age reached.

My little baby girl turned 18 months of age on the first day of this month. This makes her 1 1/2 years old… unreal! I remember well the days we had on the couch, falling asleep together.  The tough first 6 weeks of your life. Surviving on 2 hours sleep for 3 weeks straight. But that’s ok… you’re only a small human being. You didn’t know any better. It was all a complete new world to you. We are through it! You’re making us proud everyday now.

2016-07-22 08.22.18-1

This is what you have been up to since you turned 18 months old…

Height/Weight: Last time I weighed her she was about 11 to 12kg. I don’t really know what she weighs now but all I can say is, she weighs a ton. In saying that it’s definitely much more of a relief carrying her than it is carrying Matthew.

Sizes: 12-18 months is starting to become a struggle to put on her. Particularly leggings. I have her comfortably in 18-24 months clothing now. Better bigger than being uncomfortable in clothing that’s too small and annoys her in parts. A big clear out is in order very soon again. I already have a half a bin bags ready to go for charity again.

Bedtime: We established a routine that works best for us all. She goes to bed anytime between 7.30pm and 8pm. I am saying good night to her, start playing her music that she falls asleep to and let her mess around for a bit. 20 mins later she’s fast asleep. Depending what kind for night she has I’m in with her once or twice adjusting her in her sleep or finding her dodie that she couldn’t locate in her sleep

Feeding: We are miles away from the Ellas kitchen pouches for a long time now. This has started happening when Chloe got more teeth at the age of 16 months. She still has a whole lot more to get. She only has 2 front ones still.

Her eating is alright. It could be better. She prefers feeding herself than rather me interfering with a spoon or fork. I’m ok with that as long as she eats something. We have yet to try meat… as of pork chops… that kind of stuff. She’s a big fan of pasta.

What else have you managed since the last update?

• You started standing up on your feet in the cot. Now you are standing up on everything and even trying to hold yourself with just one hand. Clever girl.

• You are trying to say more words. Things like “All Gone”, “Hiya”, “Tickle”, “Car”, “Baby”.

• You love tickling your brother or your teddy bear.

• You seem to be crawling more than bum shuffling now.

2016-07-31 16.22.48

2016-08-03 15.49.57

2016-08-03 16.28.58


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