Chloe is 1 month

My little newborn is 1 month already! Fastest month ever… Well, I suppose February is shorter than any other month anyway.



Height/Weight:  I dont’t know what height or weight you are this week as you haven’t been weighed since 2 weeks. The public health nurse is only coming to visit us on Tuesday. But you have definitely put on weight because you are much chubbier in the face which is great.

Sizes: You are still in Up to 1 month clothes. In fact they finally fit you properly now and I don’t have to constantly pull the legs up because you are so small. Funny thing is though that you have big feet. The feet at the end of the sleepsuits are pretty much too small.

You are still in nappy size 1. Probably will move up to 2 in the next week or 2.

Bedtime: It’s getting better. Like I previously said you are sleeping the longest between 3am and 7am but now you shut your eye between 12am and 2/3am for a bit too which means mammy and daddy are getting a bit more sleep. We have been rotating minding you at night.

Feeding: You are mostly taking between 100ml and 120ml lately. Sometimes I am thinking it is a bit too much though as for the last week you have been spitting up a good bit and you are very uncomfortable after. We are keeping an eye on it in case it is reflux but I am hoping it is just trapped wind.

You are longer awake during the day now. Sometimes up to nearly 3 hours since last feed.


We are still working on the dodie  situation. Most of the time you don’t settle without one but you won’t keep it in either. Only dodie that works is the hospital. one You still don’t seem to like any other ones whether it’s the shape, or latex or silicone.

The last few 2 weeks we tried some bonding with your big brother Matthew. I’d say once you are 4 months old you’ll be brilliant siblings,Your brother loves you.

In the 6 weeks update I will be able to tell you how much she weighs and how long she got.

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