Chloe is 5 months

Here we are again. It is time for another update on Chloe. That means she is another month older. I can’t actually believe it. The time is definitely flying faster when you have 2 kids.



Height/Weight: Chloe was last weighed at a check up in the hospital which is about 2 weeks ago. She weighed 7.3 kg (16 pounds). I’d say at this stage she would be nearly at the 8 kg mark. It is good to have a chunky baby rather than a baby that doesn’t weigh enough though I think. I don’t know how long she is but I am guessing around 65cm.

Sizes: Since her last update on the clothes she fits into her 3-6 months sleepsuits nice and snug. Normal clothes she is in 3-6 months clothes too but wears 6-9 months from some retailers. I’d say in 2 weeks she will be in 6-9 months full time.

Bedtime: Last week I finally took the plunge and moved her into the cot bed in her own room. I am glad I did because she sleeps even better now at night. I used to wake up in the middle of the night because she moved or similar things. I just can’t sleep when Chloe or Matthew are beside me. She now sleeps until 6.30 am – 7 am in the morning. Hopefully at some stage she will sleep until 8 once she has 3 meals a day but I am not going to complain. She will have to be up at that time in a month time anyway as we all had to nursery then.

Feeding: Chloe is still getting 5 bottles a day at 6 – 7 oz. I was thinking back to what Matthew had and at this stage he only had 4 bottles but her feeds are at different times so hopefully I can change that soon so her last bottle ends at 8 or 9 pm so she can go straight to bed then rather than giving her a bottle at 10 pm which she normally has to be woken for.
Also around 2 weeks ago or so I started the weaning. She might not take a huge amount of bottles but she keeps looks at my food and it is just in the middle of the guidelines so why not. So far she had parsnips, carrots, pears and banana. She wasn’t a fan of the vegetables but she loved the fruit. Tomorrow I am going to try the vegetables again as she is getting used to the spoon now. In a week or so I will try breakfast then.

Other things you started doing this month:

– holding up head full time now.
– trying to start to roll over onto her tummy. She gets stuck though
– loves being tickled
– loves having bath
– she is a big fan of her play mat and loves playing with Matthew’s flashing car which also sings
– pulling herself up to sit when sitting against cushion
– loves looking around in her baby snug

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5 thoughts on “Chloe is 5 months

  1. Adorable! Oh the frustration of them trying to roll over onto their tummies…I felt so sorry for Oscar when he was at this stage. One day he just cracked it though so it won’t be long for Chloe too.

    Would you recommend the baby snug? I need to get something like this for Oscar but I am not sure which. I’ve been looking at the Bumbo but now I think I prefer the snug!

    I found your post via the #WhatMyKidDid linky 🙂

    Have a nice day.
    Sarah recently posted…Dear Oscar: 4 Months OldMy Profile

  2. So cute and sounds like she is really coming along and doing amazing. I love this age and they are constantly changing everyday at this stage. Lovely photos. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme
    Jenny recently posted…A new kitchen floorMy Profile

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