Chloe is 4 months

Oh my God, can you actually believe it? Another month has passed which means Chloe is another month older. My little baby is now 4 months old and I can definitely not call my new born anymore. Crazy.


How did she do this month? Please read on to find out.

Height/Weight: We had our 3 months check up with the public health nurse when she was 3 1/2 months old. Based on that I can tell you how much she weighs and how tall she is. She now weighs 6.5kg (14lbs 3oz). I’m sure she put on more in the mean time. My little munchkin. She’s nearly 61cm long which might be 62cm or more now.

Sizes: I have been very brave this past week and started putting proper clothes on her and not just sleepsuits. I have to say she looks even cuter. 0-3 months sleepsuits have gone small and  she’s pretty much in 3-6 months. Regarding clothes she fits into 3-6 months clothing nice and snug. Another month if not even less and she will need 6-9 months!!

Bedtime:  She’s getting tired at 8pm. She usually has a quick nap then and at 10pm she gets her last bottle and the next one is not until 7am in the morning. I love the way we have our own little routine already.

Feeding: You are taking around 6-7 oz now. Yesterday you were 17 weeks old which means according to the guidelines I could start weaning you. I am definitely going to hold off with that one as I don’t feel she’s ready at all for that yet. She’s going to have to take a few 8oz bottles first and the plan is to wean her at 5 months.

– started first swimming lesson 2 weeks ago. We have 6 more until the next term in August. You are doing brilliant.
– watching her big brother play and smiles at him
– started teething and dribbling a lot and hands stuck in the mouth all the time
– loves mammy’s big bed for naps
– finally moved away from the hospital dodie and is now taking Avent dodies (phew)
– loves baby TV for quiet time when I get her big brother ready upstairs
– loves being outside and going for walks
– holding up head well and loves sitting up but doesn’t like tummy time (which baby does)


11 thoughts on “Chloe is 4 months

  1. The thing is they will all get there and hold head at some stage.

  2. She might be cute but she is a handful. Completely opposite to my boy.

  3. Not at all. I actually regret that I never brought Matthew. They are going to cry, fact but they only get used to the water and the whole experience. She cried way less at her second lesson. Plus the lesson is always at her nap time which makes it difficult too.

  4. I found your post via the #WhatMyKidDid linky.

    She is absolutely adorable!

    I’ve been wanting to take Oscar (3 months) swimming but I’m really nervous about it. Should I be scared or is it better and less nerve-wracking than I am imagining? xx
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