Chloe is 6 weeks old

DSC05428Height/Weight: Last time the public health nurse been you weight 4,3kg (9lbs 5oz) and looking back on it you seem to be putting on 200g every week which means on Tuesday you should be 4,5 kg (9lbs 9oz) more than likely.
You are nearly 52cm long.

Sizes: My little chunk is now in nappy size 2. She also also moved up to vest size 0-3 months in the last few days and is only a few days off moving into 0-3  months sleepsuits. This means I can start dressing her a bit more now because I got
I have also moved her up a teat size today because she took so long feeding sometimes and would fall asleep half way through.

Bedtime: You have improved so much with bedtime lately. Your last bottle before we go to bed is normally around 10pm and we go up at 11pm. So far you have been sleeping until 3am for the next bottle and then 4am until next bottle which is 7am. Can’t complain about that really.

Feeding: Right now you are taking 6oz of milk. I haven’t quite figured it out yet but in the evening time it could be the case that you are more hungrier and looking for another bottle 2 hours after the last one. So far we always pulled it off though to keep your normal routine but we see how the next few days go.

In the next few days you will have your 6 week checkup.
Mammy is also dreading the first proper vaccine given at 2 months but it has to be done.

You have started smiling a lot lately which is the cutest.

I am really looking forward to the next 2 weeks and see what else you will be doing or learning.


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