Chloe is 8 weeks old

8 weeksAnd another 2 weeks have passed since my last update on Chloe. She’ll be 1 year old in no time. That’s how fast the time is going.

Height/Weight: We were at the GP for your 6 weeks check up a week ago. You weighed 4,8kg (at this point I think you are 5kg at least because you are gaining about 200g a week). You are 54cm long so looks like you are growing fast.

Sizes: You started wearing more 0-3 months clothing lately. It depends on the brand but some up to 1 month sleeptsuits still fit nice and snug. This will also be the size I am going to start dressing you in other stuff other than sleepsuits as I got a few outfits of friends & family. I don’t want that to go to waste.

Bedtime: The routine for bed hasn’t changed. It remains the same and you are as good as gold. Sometimes you can even sleep a bit longer. You tend to sleep better for daddy. 2 nights ago it was your first night you slept through from 11.30pm to 7pm. Definitely was a once off I’d say though.

Feeding: You have gone down to taking 5oz bottles every 3 1/2 hours. The GP kind of confirmed that you have colic which means you are a very windy baby. The extra bottle I have talked about in my last update we got rid of again because the more milk the worse the colic gets. At the moment she is on infacol again and lacteeze in the milk to break down the lactose in the milk. Hopefully by month 4 it is gone.

The smiles you give us now are so cute and the little sounds. Reminds me so of your brother when he was your age. He made the exact same sounds and I hear from many people that you and Matthew are a lot alike.

You get on great with your big brother now. He misses you every now and then when you don’t come to all car trips for example. He goes “Baby gone” or “Baby coming?”.

Anytime after April 1st you will have your first vaccine so I more than likely book that in the next coming days. I hope you are not going to come down with something though after you got it.

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