Chloe is 9 months


And it happened again… another month has passed by and we are now into November. Can I just mention, it is only 52 more days until Christmas. Ahhh! Time to get that Christmas Shopping started. Back to the actual news I wanted to tell you about. Chloe has turned 9 months old yesterday. My not so little baby is only 3 months away from hitting her first birthday. Mad isn’t it?

Let me tell you what she has been up to the last month regarding her development.

Height/Weight: We went to our 9 months check up at lunch time today. She now weighs 9.5 kg which is 20.9 pounds. She is 69 cm long. She doesn’t stand or crawl yet, so once she does that, she will lose a bit of weight and stretch too.

Sizes: I am starting to use more 9-12 months clothing from H&M now too. Previously they were way too big on her but they actually look quite comfy on her now even though they are still a little bit long but I don’t mind that at all. It’s funny because in sleep suits she is still in 6-9 months size. I reckon at 10 months she will be moving into 9-12 months. The leggings find are getting a bit shorter as well. Especially now that the winter is coming it needs to be warm on her legs as she obviously can’t wear shoes yet. I am hoping to find some sort of baby shoes or something. Moccasins seem to be the way to go as I seen on the Dad Network blog recently.

Bedtime: Her routine hasn’t changed but her crying at night is getting exhausting. Hubby and I share nights because it is way too much for someone to get up multiple times at night every night when you have work early in the morning on top of that. There could be nights I am only in twice but other nights it’s like 10 times. And other than blaming the dodie, I don’t see why she would be doing this as I said in my last update  she doesn’t wake. She seemed to have developed a habit of crying until midnight from about 9 or 10 pm and then sleeps until 7 am.

Feeding: She is comfortably eating the 7 months pouches from Ellas Kitchen and Cow & Gate. So soon enough, I can hopefully move onto lumpy food. I have tried her with some soft carrots the other day but she was gagging on them. I know that is what is meant to happen but she wasn’t able to chew at all. In fairness though, she doesn’t even has any teeth. Yesterday she had some banana which she managed fine.
She is now only 3 bottles a day. I dropped a bottle yesterday. It was just completely pointless to give her a bottle at lunch time because she would never have more than 4oz and even that was a struggle to get into her.

Other things happened this months;

– Chloe experienced her first Halloween and mammy had a little photo shooting with her
– She is getting very clingy lately when I leave the room for a minute.
– She loves playing the drums and she is very good at it
– She is developing her own little sense of humor lately. She’s so funny sometimes
– Tried cheesecake for the first time and her face was hilarious
– Loves bath and having no clothes on2015-10-03 13.38.51 2015-10-16 08.32.05 DSC05938

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