Chloe is 8 months

2015-10-01 18.13.14

Look at this, who is this? Yes, it is my once newborn! Can you believe it, she turned 8 months old today. I don’t remember Matthew turning 8 months that quick, it’s unreal. If I blink one more time, she will be off walking soon. I want her to be my small little girl but unfortunately that’s not possible. So let me tell you, what happened this month and how did development wise.

Height/Weight: Just like last month I don’t really know what length she is but between the age of 7 and 9 months babies are getting a developmental checkup here in Ireland so I should have an appointment in the post box very soon which means I have an answer for you next month hopefullly.
I haven’t weighed her since she was 7 months old but I can’t imagine she weighs more than 10kg. I am guessing she is around 9.2kg which is average for her age.

Sizes: She is in 9-12 months full time and I think this might last until November until she needs another size up. Leggings she is still in size 6-9 months because the bigger size is too long on her legs. I always like to have a bit more room in everything anyway.

Bedtime: Her bedtime is still between 7.45pm and 8.15pm and she sleeps until anytime between 7am and 8am. September has been challenging though. She was sick twice. Once with a tummy bug and at the moment she has a cold which thankfully is getting better. The joys of putting the kids into crèche. We could be into her 10-20 times a night between me and hubby. Whether it is because she is sick or she developed this new thing, when the dodie falls out of the mouth she needs it back in for comfort. I’ve been there though. When Matthew was a baby I was in the same boat. I can’t wait for the time she can put the dodie in herself, she doesn’t even wake up from it. It can be exhausting to be honest and I seem to be going to bed earlier and earlier.

Feeding: She is on a bit more textured food now and is finally eating the food from crèche which saves me a bit more money. As I said in my last update I would get her to eat by herself. I haven’t tried it yet. I don’t think she is ready yet. She prefers puree in general. I can’t actually remember when her big brother had pieces, think it might have been around 10 months. So still time left.

Other things happened this month:

-finally sitting up
– fascinated by baby TV
– loves her ball pit and definitely turned her back to the play mat
– she hasn’t got any teeth yet
– dribbling like crazy though so we have been using dribble bibs all the time now
– sitting in the high chair now for her meals

2015-09-18 19.00.16

2015-09-20 10.46.51

2015-09-26 18.07.29

12 thoughts on “Chloe is 8 months

  1. Very good. I tried rice at the weekend but she isn’t too keen on it. So I’d say she likes certain chunks of soft food but rice might be still a bit hard to eat.

  2. 4 teeth already? That’s mad. I think Chloe will be like her brother. Dribbling since the age of 3 months but not getting a tooth until month 13.

  3. I regret I didn’t get these for Matthew because it would have been so lovely to compare.

  4. She recovered but she is back having a runny nose. They are all like that in creche at the moment though.

  5. It’s amazing how different babies are when it comes to eating isn’t it. My 5 month old has been desperate to start solids especially after she managed to steal some watermelon so I figured finders keepers, and after she tried stealing food from inside my mouth let her have her own. She couldn’t care less about puree but is amazing given big chunks of soft fruit or veg!
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  6. Oh she’s so gorgeous and it’s lovely to have little reminders of all the milestones, sitting up is such a big one. She looks like a sweetie, x

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