Chloe is Two

Dear Chloe,

today is your big day. It’s your birthday. You turned an unbelievably TWO years of age. You have been with us for a solid two years. I always say it but I want to say it again, the years have flown by. You bring us lots of joy everyday. Of course there are your moments where you have a meltdown over something and you throw a complete tantrum but that is simply because you can’t express yourself with words yet. And that’s okay. It is actually cute when you feel like you need to throw your dodie or cup a hundred miles an hour. I need to have a little giggle when I see that.

You have experienced a lot in the past two years. Probably more than your brother ever did at that age. Last summer we went on our first ever family summer holiday together. You were only 18 months old. I think you really enjoyed yourself. Being pushed around, enjoying the weather (not so much the heat), walking around with no socks. You pull them off all the time so I think summer is definitely your season, even though you are born in the Winter.

At around 21 months you learnt how to walk. All in your own time. Now you are flying around all corners of the house. You love running and having little races with your big brother Matthew. It is adorable to see you having so much fun. You really love your brother. Even though you do tease him a lot lately at bedtime not wanting to give him a good night kiss. But we all like a bit of messing.

When we moved house in October last year, mummy was worried that you wouldn’t fit into the new creche. But that was just me. After a week or so you were well settled in. I only hear good stuff from your minders. You are a clean little lady tidying up after yourself. You are helping putting stuff away, taking off the shoes yourself when you are going to bed. I was told that they were hoping that it rub off you onto your little friends. You even have your own little best friend now. I can’t believe she starts crying when I collect you. She really likes playing with you.

Your speech has come a long way. Mainly because your big brother Matthew never stops talking. You copy him a lot. I don’t know how many words you have now but it must be 30 at least if not even more. You certainly don’t need to see a speech therapist, that’s for sure. Your favourite sentence at the moment has to be “not nice”, referring to Missy the cat who apparently is not nice when she moves. You get a bit scared but yet you adore her at the same time.

Bedtime is well established. The only thing that isn’t, is the nighttime. You can wake up anytime between 9.30pm and midnight. Daddy or mummy pick you up and you get to sleep in our big bed instead that you certainly make your own in no time. At the moment you are still in your cot bed. I am not sure if it will solve the problem if we move you into your own bed. You seem to like crawling into Matthew’s bed before it’s bedtime but I think you are still a bit young. You are mover at night.

Pretend play is your favourite thing to do. At the moment you enjoy playing with the choo choo train and your IKEA kitchen you received off Santa. You make yummy soup and other things for us and feed them to us. You also like cruising around the house on your Minnie Mouse ride on and chase your big brother. You are not the biggest fan of watching TV. You do like to watch one or two episodes of Minnie Mouse or Peppa Pig but that’s it. Instead you like dancing to nursery rhymes or other songs.

Let’s see what the next year brings.  We have planned a few mini trips this year to show you and your brother the world. You love being outside, sitting in the buggy, looking around and not having a care in the world.

We hope you have a lovely birthday and enjoy some cake in creche on your special day with your little friends. Today it is okay to have as much chocolate as you want. We also hope you are going to enjoy your party with the cousins at the weekend.

Love Mummy & Daddy xxx

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  1. Nicely done, Janine. Lovely letter. Maybe one day she will look back onto it, a blast from the past, and see how much joy she brought to mummy, daddy and Matthew. 🙂

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